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Posted on 08-04-2004

Thursday with our Beloved Lord


Sairam brothers and sisters,


As expected today there was more crowd but not as much as anticipated possibly because it is also a working day.


Swami came by car at 7.50 AM and got down at the ladies side and began walking as usual.


Today He received lot of letters and gave vibhuti to couple of people and even selected couple of people for interviews. 


He walked upto the 4th block and possibly because too many devotees were falling all over Him, He decided to get into the car and do a full circle of the Hall on the men side and then got down at the front of the student block and went up the stage by lift and thereafter sat down in His chair to listen to Bhajans. After about 20 minutes, He left by the back stage.


I am given to understand that Swami came in around 3.40 PM and sat for about 30 minutes listening to Bhajans. I could not be present today in the afternoon, due to personal engagements.


Acknowledgment for registration of my email ID together with the catalogue of Books and other items, from Sathyasai Book Center, has been received by me and I am sure many of you also would have received the same. I went and thanked the concerned staff at the book center, who also told me that a new CD-ROM on Rama would also be released soon.  Those who are yet to register, may wish to send an email to


There are many devotees, from USA, who have been asking for "Veda Pushpanjali" book, which contains the Vedic text together with meanings.  This is now available through the following center at USA.  Those interested can purchase the same locally at USA. from "Sri Sathya Sai Book Center of America, Tustin, CA"


Jai Sairam





Posted on 07-04-2004

One time Darshan on Wednesday but Devotees Cheer !


Today (Wednesday) it was tough day for one and all. Because Swami did not come even at 8 AM. Tension mounted. Then at 8.15 AM, it was word of mouth announced that there is not going to be Darshan.  Everyone was sad, but they had to leave. 

Everyone waited for the afternoon darshan. It was 3.45 PM and no swami. Then it became 4 PM and devotees were holding their breath to listen to the instrumental music that would signify that arrival of our beloved Swami. And the music bang started around 4.15 PM to the delight of all. 

Swami arrived as usual through the back stage and took his chair and enjoyed the bhajans.  From where I sat, it appeared that Swami had parted His hair in the middle today. He enjoyed the bhajans with such love that often He was swaying to the music.  When the Aarti was given, He swayed to the aarti music, while looking intently at the devotees (men side). Then He blessed a lady and walked out slowly. 

Thus even a one time Darshan today made the Devotees cheer.

Jai sairam 


Posted on 07-04-2004

Tuesday Update


Swami came in around 8 AM and entered from the ladies wing.  He walked slowly around the devotees all along the center aisle right upto the end of the Ramesh Hall, and blessed many a devotees besides speaking with lots of them. He created Vibhuti for couple of devotees.

After crossing Ramesh Hall outside, He stood outside short of Saraswathi for a long time, looking deeply at the devotees gathered outside, and then signalled for His car to turn around and come facing Ramesh Hall.

So once again, He gave darshan to devotees sitting inside the car all along the center aisle before leaving the Ramesh Hall. This brought a huge cheer from the devotees, since people got double darshan. Baba was observed to be extremely cheerful waving out to devotees from inside the car for a long time.

Afternoon darshan was delayed. Swami came in around 4.25 PM and sat for about 25 minutes enjoying Bhajans. Then He left after blessing couple of ladies right from the Stage and looking at the men side for a long time.  I am given to understand that Trayee sessions were held for the boys for the last 2 or 3 days. Lucky are these young boys and the teaching faculty, who have the Grace of Swami constantly on them.

Jai sairam 


Lovingly shared by Shrikant

Posted on 06-04-2004

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters.

This is my first opportunity to interact with all of you.  Today , I want to share my wonderful experience with you all. I stay near Whitefield and wanted to visit Swami , but was unable to do so for some unforeseen reason. Today , however, I got up at 4.30 AM and got ready and rushed to Brindavan.

To my surprise , I found that I was among the first to enter the "Q" and was seated in the 1st line. However, as luck would have it , I found to my dismay that I was destined to be the among the last to be allowed in to the Hall. (This is due to the token taken out by the first person in the Q). While , I was lamenting my bad luck despite my best efforts , I suddenly recollected , Swami's saying -" Where to Give, What to Give, How to Give " leave these things to me and concentrate on reaching your goal"

All of sudden , due to some realignment of rows , I found my self at the very corner of the line. Swami came by walk , slowly but steadily and gave a Wonderful Darshan to us all.

There was a group of students and teachers near the Sarawati idol (Near the end of the Old hall and the beginning of the new extension) and he walked all the way to them and spoke to them. He then got in to the car and waved a Good Bye to us all.

It was truly a wonderful darshan.

Love and Regards


(Posted by Raja on 05-04-2004)

Jai Sairam, 

It is great to receive your feedback on the reports that I try to write. 

Today (Monday) the attendance was thinner.  Swami came around 8 AM and walked around the students block and then along the Center aisle right upto Saraswathy. Particularly He made the devotees sitting near Saraswathy statue very happy, because they could not have imagined that Swami would walk upto them and take their letters. 

Swami arrived at 4 PM in the afternoon and entered through the back stage and took his chair.  He kept looking at the whole audience and particularly the men for long time, while enjoying the Bhajans.  One of the recent things that often Swami does is to brush away the hair falling over His face.

The movement is so casual, so graceful, so cute and one would love to watch.  Atleast I am beginning to understand what Bholanath means. He is so simple, so loving, so caring, so watchful that if only we can surrender in totality, then we would have no more problems. Because He would take care.

Some of the mails describing the whitefield scenerio in 1990s is very interesting.  I am afraid, I am very very new because I entered Swami's fold only in 1994-95.  These days, I listen to anyone who would tell me about Swami of what He was in the yester years. I have already met face to face with people who were babes in Swami's arms, (they have shown me the photo), and they themselves are around 50 plus.

I visited the Books Center and thanked them for the effort in sending the catalogue, which many of the devotees would have received by now.  If you have not received the catalogue you can send a mail to:

The book center now demonstrates the CD-ROM to the devotees before they can make up their mind to purchase. But what I saw was so good that I strongly recommend everyone to consider procuring these CD-ROMs.

with regards.


(Posted by Raja on 04-04-2004)

Sairam brothers and sisters, 

Sunday is always exciting at Whitefield, because crowds will be very huge, and Seva Dal will be available in maximum numbers.  Today was no exception.  Ramesh Hall as well as the entire extended portion outside was filled up to capacity today, in anticipation of Swami's Darshan. 

Since Swami walked right up to Saraswathi yesterday, what was foremost in everyone's mind was whether Swami would come up to the end of the newly added Hall and bless Devotees or not ! What is in store regarding "love my uncertainty ?" 

Swami arrived by car as usual on the ladies side by 8 AM. With the support, he walked through the ladies front side right into the student block, where he spent considerable time spending talking to teachers and faculty as well as students. Then he walked up slowly on to the stage and sat for the Bhajans that were going on. Remember, on Sundays bhajans start with Swami's arrival, and stops only in the evening when Swami departs a second time. 

After few bhajans Swami got up suddenly and got down from the stage to speak to the students, then he decided to come around the student block to the right aisle, where I was sitting on the 4th block. We were all highly excited and I was sure that today i am going to see Swami from real close.  All eyes were on Him.  Everyone was eager.  He talked to many students now forming the rear of the student block. 

But then suddenly He decided to give us all the slip. And turned around the back side of the student block and decided to talk to a few VIPs in the VIP block and also the students.  

Crossing the student block completely on the rear, he walked straight into the ladies side, briefly spoke to few ladies and decided to get into the car and depart. So the "love my uncertainty" continued today, at least for me. 

Once Swami was outside the Hall next to the Kalyan Mantap, he stopped and looked at two huge water tankers standing there decorated.  These tankers bore the name, Sri Sathyasai Free Water service project. 

Just to brief you on this, one of the devotees has been doing tremendous service of pressing into service a water tanker, into Slum areas and providing free water. He has been doing this free water service to slum areas, for the past two years, but today he added a second tanker to increase Seva efforts. There was no indication of his personal name anywhere on the tanker and that is real selfless service. 

Swami was extremely happy and pleased with the devotee's seva efforts and blessed him and his family profusely. I am told that the devotee's son also is a student in Swami's Institution. 

Swami thereafter departed for Trayee Brindavan. Prasadam was distributed to all in the morning today. 

As usual Bhajans continued throughout the day today.  The singing of Bhajans by Brindavan group consisting of dedicated male and female singers is excellent.  Many of them sang so well pouring their heart out with love for Swami. 

It was wonderful to observe that a huge number of international devotees sat routed to their seats on the floor of the Ramesh Hall, even after Swami had left, enjoying the bhajans and trying to sing the Bhajans along with the Bhajan group.  Many times I wonder who is really making spiritual progress - these devoted international devotees, or chaps like me.   

Inspite of the distance, the will of Swami has pulled these international devotees from far. And they have tuned themselves to the spiritual call of Swami and have come all the way spending their hard earned money, and adjusting themselves to the poor conditions of living here in these parts. My heart melts looking at them, putting up with these discomforts so beautifully.  I always think that they are far better devotees of our beloved Lord than me.   

Afternoon session also witnessed huge crowd turn up, and Swami elected to come late. He arrived around 4.10 PM and sat through the Bhajan for nearly 40 minutes. Excellent singing continued. Swami left at 5 PM and went out through the back stage after taking Aarti. 

Thus ended a great long bhajan singing day, and devotees immersed themselves basking in Swami's love.  It is understood that the college boys had special Trayee sessions with our Lord, both yesterday and today.  Blessed are these young Heros whom Swami loves so dearly.  How I wish I am one of them.  I am only 60 years old (approaching !). 

Jai sairam. 


(Posted by Raja on 03-04-2004)

Sairam to all,


Saturday dawned like any other day. The only difference is that ever since Swami arrived, there has been rain every single day at Brindavan, even though there has not been any rain in the town.  In fact it poured on Thursday for well over one hour, immediately after the afternoon Bhajan and all got stranded.  There was a natural excuse for everyone to run to the coffe shop !


Saturday is again a red letter day.  Swami arrived earlier than usual and was already in Ramesh Hall by 8 AM.  He arrived by car and got down at the entrance of Ladies side and walked with the help of the teacher holding his Hand.  He talked lovingly to many of the lady devotees, before getting amidst the students who were only too happy. 


He spent a lot of time with the students, talking to many of the students and teachers and counseling them.  The students are right now having their holidays, and most of them have not gone home even though the Holidays have started.  They want to be with their Swami.


Thereafter Swami started walking along the center aisle and started talking to many of the VIP devotees.  He took hundreds of letters from various devotees, both from the gents side and ladies side. Since He has been standing for a long time, during all these activities it was suggested to Him many a times, to get into the car, but Swami pretended that He did not hear it. He continued the walk, and made devotees very very happy.


There was an argument amongst couple of devotees with one devotee stating that Swami should walk the complete hall, all around in His usual fashion and the other devotee stating that He should stop walking and use His car.  Both got stuck with their own theories and somebody prevailed upon them to let Swami be the way He is ! He knows what He is doing and when He should do a particular thing.


Today Swami walked to the end of Ramesh hall and more into the extended portion and almost next to the Saraswathi statue. Couple of time He gave an indication that He is going to turn around the curve walking more to please the devotees but in the last minute changed His mind, and decided to please His escorts by getting into the car.


Very very slowly, he drove around in front of the Sathyasai Boys Hostel and via the ladies side pavement to Trayee Brindavan.


Thus ended an excellent morning session, because for the first time, many of the devotees could see Him from close, and could talk to Him and give their letters.  Swami smiled at many, created Vibhuti for one or the other, particularly spoke to some Sikh devotees and other international devotees, and enquired about the welfare of some of the devotees families etc.,


The afternoon session commenced at 3.45 PM and Swami arrived immediately as the Bhajan commenced entering through the back stage and looking at the devotees long and lovingly, before taking His chair.  He sat and enjoyed the Bhajans which were sung excellently well by the boys.  He sat for nearly 40 minutes before taking Aarti and leaving through the back stage.


Everyone was found to be happy. Happier than yesterday. Happier than the morning session.  Now people are excited about tomorrow, Sunday.  Will Swami come around the corner to the side aisles ?


Like Swami says "love my uncertainty", let us wait and "love His uncertainty" which will unfold in His own time, and on His own terms.


Jai sairam.




(Posted by Raja on 03-04-2004)

Sairam brothers and sisters,


My apologies that I could not send this update of Friday yesterday itself.


My ISP server is having some problem and so I simply could not have connectivity the whole of yesterday and until now.


Well, Friday was a great day again, because our beloved Lord, proved that He is for His Devotees ie., us.  Unlike the previous days, He came in earlier by car, but chose to get down between the Ladies and Gents intersection from the Car and elected to walk with the support of a teacher holding his hand.  Inspite of the pain that He must be experiencing because of the recent falls that He had, He showed no signs of discomfort and infact started moving faster amongst the devotees though with support.  Devotees were only too happy that our Beloved Swami was electing to walk amongst them, and all were falling head over heals to talk to Him, to touch Him, to give their letters etc.,


His compassion cannot be easily explained. His love for devotees is beyond comprehension. His radiance, His bewitching smile, His penetrating look, His side glance, His chat with selected devotees need, a personal experience to feel the bliss that is hidden beneath.  Swami is grand. Swami proves that He has come for us.  Those who are fortunate to have his darshan right now would readily agree with me.


There are many who do not want Swami to walk, because they know that Swami is in pain.  But many think that since He is God, he does not feel pain.  But this is not true. Swami Himself has many a time, has stated that none of us can bear the pain which He is going through. He had also stated that in the Human form that He has taken, He has to necessarily follow the rules of nature. The only difference is that Swami is not body conscious unlike us.  He is only conscious that He and We are one and the same.  He looks at Himself in everyone of us !  Are we able to do one millionth of that ?  I think we all should ponder over this in silent introspection.


At one point, Swami told the Teacher holding his hand in Telugu, to continue to hold the hand, but the teacher who is a non telugu understood it differently and left the hand.  So Swami jokingly chided the teacher, to take hold of the hand once again.  Everyone laughed.  The teacher knows Telugu definitely having studied in Sathyasai University. But then, he cannot be expected to know the Telugu the way a person born in Andhra would know.


And Swamy walked not just a little. He walked four full blocks.  Even though the car followed and the teacher every now and then suggested that Swami get into the car, Swamy elected to walk, making the devotees happy and happier.  Then finally He got into the car and blessing the devotees drove slowly away. Thus ended the Friday morning session.


Friday afternoon session commenced a little earlier than previous 2 days.  But even though the Bhajan started Swamy did not enter the Ramesh Hall until almost the 6th or 7th Bhajan was going on !  Then just for the sake of devotees He stayed on for another 10 Bhajans almost. Then He gave a long long look, at the devotees assembled, and then slowly went through the back of the stage.


I think everyone was very happy that Swamy walked.  Everyone is excited that Swamy is going to walk more soon.  They know it, they feel it in their blood that Swami is going to walk more and they talk about it excitedly, and Swami is going to do it, just to thrill the devotees.


Devotees were equally happy to get Tea and coffee and snacks that were available in abundance at the store.  Now the Sathyasai Cooperative store has been made available to the devotees upto  12 noon, starting immediately after Darshan.  The international devotees were found to be very happy with the CD-ROMs and various other CDs that were on display. Book shop too attracted huge crowds.


Devotees were found to be continuing to register their names for catalogue and CD-ROMs and I watched the demo of "My Life - My Message" CD-ROM (Multimedia).  Super creation is how I felt.  Everyone must have this CD-ROM if only to fully understand what exactly has our beloved Baba done to mankind.  It clearly spells out what each one of us could do as Seva (service). This CD-ROM tells you everything from beginning and has been interspaced with Bhajans, Swami's seva projects etc.,  Excellent product.


I also saw the demo of "Chinna Katha" and "Life is a Game" CD-ROM.  Children of our home would love these. The parents would love these, because of the values that are clear when you see the CD-ROMs.  This is a must to train the young minds, and also to introspect for the older minds, so that it becomes easy to know where lies our path ahead in the remaining years of our sojourn on this earth. 


If you have not already ordered this CD-ROM, then "do-it" is my recommendation.  After all the proceeds would go to the Sathyasai Trust, who is doing tremendous service to lift mankind from the clutches of evil, by the will of our Lord.


Please await the Saturday news within the next one hour.  You will have it.


Let us daily pray for the blessings and grace of our beloved Sairam.


with sai regards




(Posted by Prahlad Rao on 02-04-2004)

Sai Ram to all,

This is my first Swamy Darshan at Brindawan on Thursday-Afternoon.

Today Thursday 4/01/2004 , the 2nd day after Swamy came to Brindavan. I reached Brindavan around 3.30 pm. People sat in Queues formed, near Saraswati Statue. Ladies on left side of the Statue and gents on right side. Queues that are already issued tokens are moving into Sai Ramesh Hall. Afternoon Crowds are low.

The Sai Ramesh Hall is now extended and made Longer, A good face-lift to the Ramesh Hall. The sitting area around Saraswati Statue the front side of Sai Ramesh Hall is raised (elevated) to the level of Sai Ramesh Hall until the Road in front of Stores. It can thus now accommodates larger crowds. Now people sitting beyond main Hall of Sai Ramesh Hall can have Swamy's Darshan comfortably. This area is covered with false roofing, and covered with white cloth, giving Shade to the people.

My Queue token number (8 or 9) called . Our Queue is now moving into Ramesh hall. I sat in right side Men's Isle. I was desiring that if Swamy move through people in the afternoon Today, it will be wonderful. But Of course it is rare thing to happen. Usually afternoons Swamy enter Hall from behind Krishna Statue, and give Darshan sitting in Chair .

Music started at 4.15pm and Bhajans started. Two students came running to the dais from behind Krishna Statue Door, and opened the elevator doors, and checked the elevator, giving a signal to all devotees sitting in Hall that Swamy is coming by CAR into the Hall. Seva-Dal people immediately realigned the people sitting, in the front to widen the Gap between Isles, to make space for Swamy's CAR to pass through the crowds. People are happy, and excitedly waited to have Swamy's Darshan in close encounters. Oh ! Swamy heard my request, and giving us a Darshan in close encounters ?

Around 4.20 pm Swamy in Silver CAR came from Trayee Brindavan. The CAR slowly entered at the ladies side entrance of Sai Ramesh Hall at 4.25 pm. Oh ! It raised hopes that we all have a fair chance to get Swamy's CAR Darshan from close by. The CAR Stopped, at entrance of Sai Ramesh Hall, and Swamy came out of the CAR. CAR moved back, and Swamy slowly Walked through Lady Devotees. It is impossible to predict Swamy's moments. After Blessing couple of ladies He went straight to the left side elevator and onto Dais where Krishna Statue is there.

Holding the front railing, Swamy pleasantly looked at devotees, and Sat  in the Chair. From Distance Swamy is looking Very bright.and shining. Nice cold and gentle breeze is there and Climate is very pleasant. Swamy is enjoying Bhajans, deeply immersed, and moving his right point-finger down and up. The gentle breeze touched Swamy's Legs, and gently making the ungi near his feet Fly in waves. It appeared as if Swamy is moving his Legs in good pleasant mood.

Bhajans are sung in full swing, very devoted, and energizing the entire Hall and people. Nice Climate, and Nice Darshan. At 4.55pm Swamy signalled and Aarati is given. Swamy left the Ramesh Hall from the Door behing Krisna Statue. There was Big Thunder Storm for Half an hour after Swamy Left the Hall. All devotees enjoyed watching the rain staying in the Hall, and watching the chappals floating and flowing along with rain water.

I left my Shoes near the gents Clock room, left-shoe at one place, and right-shoe at some distance, to avoid possible shoe-lifters attention. The rain came down, and I rushed to pickup my Shoes. All chappals & shoes are wet, and after lot of search found that my shoes are missing. I stood there for some time, and read the Thought for the day written on white board. People say that It is Good sign to get your footwear stolen in Brindawan. I am freed from my old shoes, and thus told my-self that my bad has gone. I laughed inside saying my-self that I have today Ayyappa Swamy Darshan, where people take oath to avoid chappals, and go to the Shrine bare-footed. But, only difference is that I came with shoes, and going home bare footed.

As a whole today it is wonderful, and Loving Darshan for me, and all who gathered in Brindawan Ramesh hall.

Can anyone share the thought for the Day written on Brindavan white board regularly? I read it but did not note it down as we cannot carry pens.

Jai Sai Ram

Prahlada Rao


Forwarded and lovingly shared by Prahlad Rao (01-04-2004)

Prahlada B Rao wrote:


SWAMY entered Sai Kulwant Hall this morning and Arti was taken immediately.

HE drove through the affectionate gatherings , got out through Gopuram gate exactly at 06-40 am and left for Brindavan (whitefield).  SWAMY who was seating in the right rear of HIS gray car, was showing up HIS right hand all along to BLESS the devotees present inside & outside the hall.

During last night, like the previous two days there was heavy down pour in Parthy. Bhagwan thus cooling down the village & the devotees before leaving for Brindavan.


Prahlada Rao


Swamy in Brindavan

Swami reached Brindavan at 10:50 AM. There were lot of speculations by the devotees about the gate Swami would take to enter into the ashram.

In Trayee VIP's and Students were changing positions till last minute. Swami's Convoy entered ashram through the State Bank Gate, but Swami's Car came through the Ashram's main entrance. Swami's Car was taken to the newly constructed extension of Trayee building. Swami got down and came to the newly constructed balcony (facing the Krisha Idol) and gave Darshan to all present in Trayee.

Yesterday it rained heavily in and around Brindavan and in some places of Bangalore (Summer showers in Brindavan).



Lovingly consented by Raja


Sairam to brothers and sisters of the sai family,  

Today was an unforgettable day. Swami arrived finally in Brindavan in His physical form, for the summer time.  

There have been talk of Swami arriving on the 31st, and everyone thought that it was unlikely because of the election fever that is beginning to grip this region.  Many said that He won't come until around 15th April. 

Each day visitors to the asram would discuss the possibilities of Swami coming, but gradually it began to unfold from the events that were taking place at the Asram that Swami would infact to be expected on the 31st.

What were those events ? Well, a good facelift to the main mandir (Ramesh Hall). Cordoning off the gardening area around the Stores and the book shop. Painting work etc., etc.,  Each day these works would progress at tremendous pace.

Then came Ramanavami on the 30th.  The asram was beautifully decorated with mango leaves and banana plants and the like and there was a 90 minutes bhajans mostly on Rama and His Glory and of course Sairam too. Prasadam was distributed to all the devotees and visitors alike.

It was wonderful to watch the swelling of crowds day by day and particularly foreign devotees were beginning to arrive in large numbers.

Then dawned the 31st. There were whispers in the air that Swami would come by plane, would come by car, would arrive at the asram by 7 AM (before the boys went to college), etc., 

Today(31st March), devotees were already lined up by 7 AM to have the darshan and glimpse of our dear beloved lord.

Every 15 minutes there would be some whisper that He has left puttaparthy, and is on his way.  But by 9 AM it was evident that Swami would not be there for somemore time. It is beautiful to see in action, when swamy says "love my uncertainty".

There were Banners both at the Canara Bank Gate as well as the Main gate, each one facing the opposite side welcoming Swamy to Brindavan. Inside the Brindavan, one such big banner read "Prayerful Welcome to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Saibaba Garu".

Then around 9 AM the pipe music accompanied by "thavil" - a type of drum(it is called Nadaswaram music locally), began to play at the gate. So everyone's neck was craned towards the gate looking for Swami's car. But nothing happened. 

Then someone actually turned the main gate road banner to turn towards the railyway gate indicating that now swami is to be expected from the ITPL side (Superspeciality hospital side).

Then there were lot of people rushing inside the Trayee Brindavan, making others believe that Swami had already arrived via the Canara Bank Gate whereas most of the devotees had lined up adjoining the main entrance at the book stores area.  Everyone rushed to the Trayee Gate only to find that there is no Swami.

Then finally around 10.50 AM Swami made a grand entrance through the main gates. There were continuous shouts of "Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ki Jai" as also loud chanting of "Sayeeshwaraya Vidmahe, Sathya Devaya Deemahi" Swami  was blissfully blessing everyone sitting inside a ash colour benz car.  The car was fully covered with the flowers thrown by the devotees and the police and other seva dal were running beside the car cleaning the front wind shield so that the driver can see outside and the devotees can have a glimpse of our dear beloved Lord.  Lot of devotees managed to hide the cocanuts from the Seva dal and succeeded in breaking the coconut in front of the car and beloved lord.

Of course except for a few, most reported that they could just catch a glimpse of the curly hair (the beautiful hair of Swamy). And then many dispersed. But Swamy gave a big surprise.

After sometime, Swamy was found emerging on the newly built balcony at Trayee Brindavan.  The lucky devotees who refused to leave the area and who had waited patiently were rewarded indeed with Swamy blessing them from the balcony.  There was a wonderful shouting cheer from everyone those were present.

Then devotees dispersed.  And one expected that there would be afternoon darshan, even though no formal announcement was made. Devotees began to arrive by 2 PM and took up their places and were finally ushered inside the Ramesh hall by 3.45 PM.  There must have been nearly a thousand plus devotees today.  However Swamy did not come. everyone waited patiently, but it became 4 PM, 4.15 PM, 4.30 PM, 4.45 PM and even 5 PM and everyone was impatient and thought that there is not going to be any darshan and they are going announce cancellation of darshan any moment now.

It became 5.15 PM.  There was total silence at the Ramesh Hall.  Suddenly the instrumental music started indicating that Swami is on His way.  Everyone was happy indeed.

Swamy entered through the stage gate, and Wow ! How great He looked !  Just like Krishna - Pale blue in the face, fresh as a rose and took tentative slow steps with some support and walked to the Chair and the Bhajan started.

Swamy enjoyed the bhajans sung by the College boys. They must have sung about 6 Bhajans when Swami got up, took Aarti and left through the stage gate.

Thus ended a great day with everyone praying for wonderful days ahead at Brindavan.  Brindavan is live now - are you all able to feel and visualise the pulse ?.  It is not necessary that you should be physically present here.  With Swami, when we pass on these messages to our brothers and sisters, it is as if Swami is Himself taking these messages to the hearts of each and every dear brother and sister devotee.

May all of you have wonderful Sai news in the days ahead.

with sai pranams and love


PS:  At the store good number of sales was going on  Multimedia CD-ROMs  of "my life - My Message", and "Chinna Katha" in particular.  There were huge enquiries for Veda casettes, CDs and books.  Many devotees were physically registering their names to get the Books and VCD, CD-ROM catalogue list.

In case you have not yet registered your name to receive the latest catalogue list, please send an email to

and register your name.  The Sathyasai Book Center and Brindavan, Bangalore, would directly send you the catalogue and other information through email and you can order them directly through email.

PPS:  I apologise, due to ISP problem, this mail just did not go yesterday.

Swami's Second day at Brindavan

Sairam dear brothers and sisters, 

Today being Thursday, there was more crowd as anticipated. 

Devotees were found waiting in queue as early as 5 AM, and eventually everyone settled down by 7.45 PM awaiting the pleasure of our beloved Lord. 

But today too, the Lord decided to test ? the patience of one and all. 8.00 AM rolled by, 8.15, then it was 8.30, then it was 8.45 AM and still no sight of Swami.  The Superspeciality hospital staff left at 8.55 AM to their work stations since patients were to be expected from 9 AM. 

At 9.05 AM, suddenly the instrumental music started and there stood Swami at the stage giving a cheerful and compassionate look on his images sitting in front of Him. 

The bhajans started, Swami sat for about 7 Bhajans before taking Aarti and leaving.  He blessed the ladies side in particular profusely, First single abhaya and then double abhaya hasta !

Then everybody made a dash to the coffee shop adjoining the store and the book shop, for Samosas and the like.

Afternoon seating was over by 3 PM. Swami arrived at 4.10 PM and surprised everybody by coming in  the car to the ladies entrance side and walked from there to the stage, where He sat for nearly 30 minutes, enjoying the student Bhajans. Then once again he looked at the vast devotees with compassion for a long time, before walking away from the stage, after taking Aarti.

There was a good downpour as soon as Swami left.  It poured for over one hour.

That is all for today.

Sai pranams


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