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Posted by Deep on 02-04-2004




Thought I would add to the account of the very first morning darshan that the Lord gave at Bangalore yesterday.


Thursday crowd waited with abated breath to have a glimpse of the Lord's dear form on April 1st morning. We had all assembled for the token queues, our particular ladies' row came the 11th, we got a seat in the second row of the second block with a clear view of the stage & also the steps on the left side, from the Lord's chambers, leading to the central lawn. We prayed, chanted Gayatris, eagerly looking forward to the sweet meditation on the moving bright light of bliss that our Lord is. As part of the local crowd we were all waiting to have His darshan before proceeding with the worldly duties He has allocated to us for this life. Then came the doubts when clock ticked past 6.45, 7.30, 8 to 8.45...& the ensuing dilemma - whether we should wait in patience to have a glimpse of our Lord or to return to take up our duties. One second our mind would say 'You be here and He will take care of your work', another second it will go monkeying like 'People trust on you to do your part & the job at your office is also Sai-work'...Reached a decision to wait till the Bhajan starts - agreed that we would get up & leave at the sound of 'Ganesha Sharanam', if He did not bless us with His presence by then. Kept asking Him whether He was testing us. Kept praying to Him requesting Him not to...At 8.55 AM ignoring the lesson that came to the mind, one that He oft repeats, i.e. to 'be patient', got up and came out of the hall, out of the main gate and we hardly proceeded a few steps on the road that two of His students in white uniform came running in the opposite direction calling out straight to us "Bhagavan has come" - ran we did - back through the gate, into the hall - to catch the beautiful sight of the Sai-Deepam in full glory on the stage. After the long wait, the quick run, we paused to catch breath & let the refreshing waves of His darshan wash over us. We had lost our earlier place and had to be content with the last row from were we had to peep and peer to have fleeting darshans of the dear Form amidst the sea of heads...& pondering over our lack of patience to wait just 2 minutes more! His divine test, indeed! And there He was - beaming directly at us, happily, naughtily as though He has made an April Fool out of us - our hearts were overflowing with divine bliss & love. Watching Him immersed in the bhajans was a treat, as always. After Aarati He turned towards us and gave a single abhaya hasta and before the tide in our hearts could subside from the effect He gave a compassionate abhaya hasta with both his hands!


Then it was "Narayana Narayana Om" and with the light in our hearts recharged, we returned to the world to take up our duties. And as we know - He took care that when we returned, the world hadn't missed us one bit & it was smooth drive-into the routine lives & as usual we ended up wondering about when our faith would triumph over our mind & manage to hush up our minds when it keeps repeating the word 'coincidence' to us whenever we come face to face with His miracles!


Do have a day centered in Sai, contemplation on Him in the Sai-lence of our hearts...



Posted on 14-04-2004


In HIS Durbar


Sairam to dear brothers and sisters,

Following the captain that read on the entrance to the Brindavan Asram, as well as inside the Ramesh Hall, I too take this opportunity to wish all brothers and sisters "Wish u a very HOLY and HAPPY VISHU"


The people of Kerala, I mean the devotees from there, are simple and great.  They do everything with a purpose. Today I was amazed to see the pain they had taken to dress up our Lord's Durbar.  It was too good. Excellent green festoons, natural decoorations and the like, covered the entire Brindavan Asram Area.  Majority of devotees wore their traditional Dress (ladies) and thus they stood out from the masses.  This is unlike others, where there is not much of traditional dress seen.


Crowds had assembled as early as 6 AM inside the hall, and obviously all Kerala devotees and guests were given the topmost priority to sit inside. There was absolutely no place and people were standing and craning their necks to catch a glimpse of our beloved LORD.


Bhagavan arrived around 8.15 AM and entered through the Ramesh Hall through the ladies side. Today He walked so fast even though holding the hand of possibly a teacher. He went straight to the first block where the musicians and bhajans singers had assembled, and was immediately offered Poorna Kumbham on behalf of the  Kerala State Devotees, invoking the blessings of Bhagavan for their New Year Day (Vishu).  Thereafter He spoke with Sundaram Bhajan group singers from Chennai and then moved on to students block and spoke to students, who were so eager to have the attention of their Lord and Saviour.  Then He spent a lot of time with the Kerala Youth, talking to many of them and accepting lots of letters.  He equally visited the Kerala Ladies side along the center aisle and made them happy too, taking letters from them.  Nearly at the end of Ramesh Hall along the center aisle, He got into the car and drove slowly out to Trayee Brindavan, and then re-entered the stage and took His seat to listen to some Excellent Bhajan singing by Kerala singers.  Then He took Aarti, saw through prasadam distribution and left the stage slowly.


The Hall had one particular banner that said "We Love You Swami" besides other eye catching banners and festoons. Most of Swami's teachings were on display.  Center stage where Swami normally sits was decorated beautifully.


There was no discourse today also in the morning.


However there was a pleasant surprise in our Prime Minister making a visit to the asram to seek Swami's blessing.


Devotees from Kerala thronged the Snacks counter and stores, and enjoyed lovely snacks provided by the asram and reduced costs.  Particularly Ice cream, Buttermilk, juices, coke etc., were their favorite because of the hot sun.


Many devotees were observed to purchase the audio CDs to take back home. 


The Books center was equally crowded.  Since the crowds were unprecedented, it was a tough time for Gokulam to manage the breakfast and lunch and thus many preferred to eat the snacks at the snacks counter.


By 3.30 PM the hall was once again full for the Afternoon darshan. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the discourse atleast in the evening. What is in store ?


Swami arrived only at 4.45 PM.  As soon as He came, Bhajans started but the Kerala State President signalled to stop after two bhajans, after speaking to Swami and now came the surprise. 


An excellent Karnatic Classical Flute music treat was granted to the devotees and the program was simply superb. Swami enjoyed every bit.  The high light of the program was the jugalbandi of nine percussion instruments and they were obviously experts.  Swami enjoyed it so much, that He clapped like an ordinary mortal when the Jugalbandi ended. "Bolanath" was in bliss throughout the program. The program lasted nearly 45 minutes and Swami in between spoke to staff, and it emerged that Swami was going to honour the musicians. 


Swami finally got down from the stage, walked right into the musicians and bhajans singers block much to the delight of these performers and individually gave dress to deserving musicians.  There were overjoyed. It was wonderful to see Swami tossing the Dhoti and Angavastra (dress set as worn by the people of Kerala). 


Swami also sprang a surprise.  After presenting dress to Classical artistes, He walked to a particular musician, and possibly told him to sing ? because suddenly the musician who sang yesterday presented a song only for Bhagavan, with Bhagavan standing right over him.  Staff brought a chair for Swami to sit right amongst the group of people in the first block, but Swami elected to stand and listen.  He then affectionately caressed the young artiste, blessed him too with a dress.


Thereafter He got into the car and slowly drove away through the ladies wing and into Trayee Brindavan. Thus ended a grand New Year day of Vishu.


Now what is next in store ?


Jai sairam





Subject: Darshan at Brindhavan on 8th April


Took a midnight bus from Chittoor to Hoskote, another bus and auto transfer, reached Brindavan by 5.45 a.m. well in time for the queue formation, got line no 12. but seated in the first line at the new extension near Saraswati Statue.  Bhagawan came in car at 7.41 a.m., entered via ladies entrance on foot. Glorious darshan on the central aisle.  Swamy walked slowly upto about 10 ft. near the end of the central aisle.  His troubled walk brought tears only.  Why should Swamy undertake walking down, with discomfort.  Are we devotees taxing Him.  Fleeting thoughts like these, when watching Swamy... Same time, prayers to Him, .. a bag of mixed emotions.

Swamy's staff requested Him to get into the grey car, and Swamy then got into the car, a right turn, another turn and straight drive to the elevator.

And then, Blissful darshan from the stage from 8 a.m. till 8.40 a.m.

For those of us, who are not fortunate to stay for long either at Parthi or Brindhavn, such Darshan's are Bhagawan-send.. charge our batteries and keep us going till the next Call from Him for Darshan.

Sai Ram


Lovingly shared and consented by R Sathyanarain on 14.04.2004

Posted on 13-04-2004


Integrated Tamil New Year & Vishu (Malayam New Year)

Jai sairam to brothers and sisters,

Nowadays Extraordinary days are the "normal" type of days, here at Brindavan. Today was no exception. I was under the impression that Tamil New Year day was tomorrow and Vishu was today. This was based on the assumption that the Kerala devotees have come for 3 days and so, immediately on completion of Vishu , ie., Malayalam New Year day, the Tamil New Year's day would follow.

As I reached Brindavan today, I was amazed to see that the place outside the Asram was literally buzzing with activity as if it was 7 PM in the evening. Hotels were making good income from devotees.

Inside the Asram, there were huge festoons in Ramesh Hall, lot of Swami's sayings, beautifully decorated in the form of banners, and Sarva Dharma symbol banners decorated the entire Ramesh Hall. The sanctum sanctorum itself where Swami normally sits was very beautifully and tastefully decorated.

Crowds were managed beautifully today. All Tamil speaking people were given preference to sit as much in the front as possible. The rest of the place was filled up by the Kerala Youth. Remember I had mentioned that nearly 3000 Kerala devotees have arrived here.

Swami came in around 8.15AM and got down from the car and walked up via the ladies wing to students block and VIP block where possibly he spoke with "Governor of Karnataka ?

Thereafter Swami went up the stage and took His seat, and the Bhajans by Sundaram Group, Chennai started. They sang the Bhajans beautifully. After sometime, Swami took leave, took Aarti and left. So everyone's hope of listerning to Swami in the form of a discourse did not fructify. There was no discourse today morning.

The Tamil group from Chennai have put up an excellent Books show along with the Brindavan Books center.

Long queues were observed both at Coffee shop and Snacks Shop besides the Stores. More people had enquired about registering their names for receiving information pertaining to books and CD-ROMs/ VCDs. I am constantly bringing this point to brother and sister devotees around the globe so that they too can take benefit of what the Asram at Brindavan has to offer. Incase you have not yet registered your email ID, then please do so, by sending an email to or You will get the catalogue direct from the Asram.

I saw the demo of "Chinna Katha" today. Excellent for young children so that their minds can be moulded easily to the system that Swami recommends. Both the multimedia CD-ROMs are priceless possessions. Details about this must have been received by all those who already registered their names. I received the information, on CD-ROMs few days ago.

Swami arrived around 4.15 PM, for afternoon darshan. As soon as he came, Ganesha bhajan was sung by Sundaram Group. Then two young boys, recited Slokas from Upanishads and also gave the English translation. Swami blessed the Children. Then Sundaram group gave an excellent music extravaganza. It was superb. Swami just like the presentation by Kerala group, was in deep bliss.

One of the song sung by the group was about "Sai Bhaktas wanting to be with Swami" irrespective of the number of times that they took birth. The song prayer stated that let there be any number of births, but on being born, one should be granted the privilege of being a Sai Bhakta.

The second song was about, how one could only see "SAI, SAI and SAI" irrespective of which God the devotee worshipped. Sai Roopam was the only one that the devotee could see.

There was a short musical interlude (Instruments only) more in the style of "Jugalbandi" and this was fantastic. This was followed by "Aum Namaschivaya" sloka.

A time came when possibly the Group did not cater for a long program and had to stop and the Tamilnadu President had to tell Swami. Swami did not show the least interest in getting up and leaving. But Aarti was given, without Swami getting up from His seat, and Swami left with lot of reluctance from the stage. At least it appeared so!

And there was no discourse in the evening too, and everyone was dejected. Thus ended the Tamil New Year day.

Preparations are on war footing for Kerala (Malayalam) New Year day, and huge decorations were being built by seva dal from Kerala. Tomorrow we are in for a grand treat, if we were to go by last year's standards.

I did not adequately cover the Kerala program yesterday and adequate justice was not done. Possibly it was "Sreekumar" famous film back singer who presented yesterday. His singing is well known and Swami always blesses him. Melody coupled with devotion is Sreekumar's style and with an super voice. Devotees and visitors were spell bound. Even though Swami left the stage, He told him to continue yesterday. This was something unusual.

Wait for the Vishu update. Sorry I am unable to put up the discourse of yesterday. It is not yet ready. If the cassette is ready tomorrow, I shall try and put up the update.

sai pranams.


Posted on 13-04-2004


Swami escalates "Love My Uncertainty"

Jai Sairam,

Monday has not only been auspicious but it was also something extraordinary. Kerala Youth as usual occupied Brindavan. They were found conducting Medical camps, blood donation camps etc.,

Swami came around 8.15 AM and walked amongst His devotees in His usual style, accepting letters and taking to Kerala Youth in particular. However He did not do the complete round of blocks. Somewhere in the middle of the center aisle, He elected to sit in the car, and drive out through the exit near the Hostel.

Thus the devotees thought that Swami has gone out and started leaving. Many a devotee, some students and some staff had already left, when Swami who went into Trayee Brindavan, cool as the God He is, reappeared in the stage, much to the delight of all the devotees, bringing a huge cheer. All those who had left made hurry to get back to their seats, and could not find their old seats.

After the morning session, the Kerala Youth of course had many sessions of their Sadhana camp I am told. The Kalyana Mantapam was full, and I did not venture into because I thought that I would steal a genuine seat of an aspiring Kerala devotee.

Afternoon darshan started fairly late close to 4.30 PM, and Swami came and took His chair,and the Bhajan started. However after the second bhajan, Swami signaled to someone down below, and we were all pleasantly surprised to hear a music troupe going up the stage and Swami in His compassion and mercy, made place for them to sit on the stage along with Him, and gave them permission to present their talent.

Inspite of his physical discomfort, He got up and got His chair relocated, so that the musicians could sit comfortably and sing for Him and His devotees. Once the music started, He lost himself thoroughly enjoying the music.

The music went on for more than one hour, which is considered unusual, and Swami at one time, got up to leave and when they tried to present Aarti, Swami told them to continue singing and left the stage without Aarti. Much later nearly 15 minutes after that, He gave permission through an emissary to take aarti without Him on the stage and thus ended a glorious day.

More about the singers in my next mail.

Jai sairam.


Posted by Prahlad Rao on 13/04/2004


Friday, 04/09/04, Morning Darshan at Whitefield


Sai Ram all,

I promised my daughter- Sindhura that I will take her to Whitefield for Darshan after her XII std exams, when it is convenient to both of us. Thursday (April 08 2004) night, my daughter asked me to take her to Baba’s Darshan to Whitefield, on Friday morning. First I thought of not going in the morning, as I have to go in the evening to attend Vibration Healing Course. I took Sindhura's request as Swamy's call, and readily agreed to go on Friday morning for Baba’s Darshan at Whitefield.

Baba gave me an unique opportunity to learn Vibration Healing Course from Dr.Aggarwal at Brindavan this Summer. Vibration Healing is Healing system, in which patients are given healthy vibrations to cure any disease. The healthy vibrations that are recorded on Cards are used to transfer them to water or sugar pills, or Vibhuti are given to patient. No medicines only Vibrations. Dr. Aggarwal agreed to teach us this system at Whitefield  after the usual selection procedure. Last one week thus, busy attending Vibration Healing Training classes at Whitefield daily at 7.30pm to 9.15 pm, after office hours. Then drive 60KM (up & down) and reach home 10.30 pm, after dinner, complete home work part of the training, and sleep. Morning get up and go to office...and the routine continue.

Friday morning Though we set the Alarm at 4.30 am, we Woke up late at 6.00 am, did not know when the Alarm rang. Got ready by 6.30am and started to  Whitefield from home. very much doubting whether today we get Swamy’s Darshan or not. It needs one hour drive from home, and We may be late to Darshan due to traffic.

We reached Whitefield by 7.15 am. No darshan music, Luckily we reached in time, and we are going to have Swamy's Darshan. Stood in Queue. The SaiRamesh hall is full, lot of devotees and people sat in the Hall just outside SaiRamesh main hall, near Saraswati Statue. No hope to have Close Darshan of Swamy. Due to the prompting of monkey mind, I tried through VIP entry, and upon request the sevadal (Swamy through them) allowed me to enter SaiRamesh Hall. Went straight to the front of SRHall, where Swamy's guests or Swamy's old students sit. In the right side men's aisle, not many devotees in the block, I sat there.

Around 7.30am Darshan music started, and Swamy came in the light grey car to ladies side entrance of the Hall. Swamy came out of the car. Swamy slowly  walking through the people in the front, the ladies in left aisle, and men in Middle aisle. After blessing them and walking through them, He looked towards our block, and came straight walking slowly to our aisle to a devotee, who is sitting in a chair in this block 10 feet away where I sat. Swamy came to this devotee, and with full of love talked to him. It is a wonderful Drusyam to see Swamy talking to this Devotee perhaps well known to him, with full love, and affection. Both talked each other with love and intimacy (Later I came to know this devotee's name is KandaSwamy).

Swamy patted him saying something, KandaSwamy holded Swamy's palm and
talked to Swamy as though he pleading Swamy, and patted on Swamy's Hand
pleading him something. Swamy also reciprocated the same. Wonderful to watch the love, affection and intimacy flow of Swamy to KandaSwamy. Swamy
then created Vibhuti in KandaSwamy's hands, and applied it on his forehead. Then Swamy slowly walked towards us, came nearer to, where I sat. I am having Swamy's Darshan in close encounter from 2feet distance. Swamy Looked at everybody (his looks going above me) with love flowing out of his eyes, and blessed. I looked at Swamy’s feet, and able to have Pada Darshanam of Swamy's left padam clearly.

Swamy blessed me today giving me his Pada Darshanam, Full-view Darshan, and Back-view Darshan. Swamy slowly walked towards the front of SaiRamesh Hall, Blessing devotees. Swamy walked slowly upto about 10 ft. near the end of the SaiRamesh Hall. Swamy may be walking even with discomfort, to give pleasure to his devotees. Swamy's staff requested Him to get into the grey car, and Swamy then got into the car, took a right turn, another right turn and straight drive towards the elevator.

Today we have a wonderful Darshan Of Swamy.

I realized that it is Good Friday today, and Swamy gave this wonderful, and loving Darshan today. Through my Daughters request he called us here. Later met my daughter near Saraswati statue, and Visited Book Stall, and came back home.

Jai Sai Ram
Prahlada Rao

Posted on 11-04-2004



Today has been an extraordinary day. Brindavan campus wore a festive look and the campus was full of Kerala devotees.  There was no place for the usual devotees since the Kerala devotees had to be given preference.  Even the VIPs were shifted far behind.


Kerala singers sang bhajans throughout the day, right from morning to till Aarti in the evening.  Swami came around 8.15 AM and did not go around at all. Instead he went into the stage and sat on the chair.


The Kerala State President then took Swami's permission and spoke to the audience. This was followed by one of the students speaking to the audience and it was wonderful to listen to the student who pointed out why Swami is here and for whom.  He also mentioned about a dream which he had in which Swami gave him the "meaning" of "Hold on to me". I shall mention about this dream later.


Then came the beautiful surprise.  Swami gave a fantastic discourse to the audience.  The theme was "Protect Satya, and live for Sathya" and then you don't have to do anything for Dharma because Sathya looks after everything.  As soon as the cassette is released I shall try and send the details. He also mentioned that Kerala people maintain many of the traditions.


After discourse, Swami left. He gave his kind consent for the staging of a drama today in the evening at 5.30 PM and also His consent to use the Kalyan Mantap for Kerala people to conduct their sadhana camp. 


It was also mentioned by the Kerala State President that 3000 Volunteers have come.  One thing to note is that Kerala Youth means, they meant "Youth". It was fantastic to watch so many youths.


I am sorry for this short update, because it is already very late and I need to be there for darshan early.  So I will catch up with details shortly. Pl bear with me until then.


sai pranams





Posted on 11-04-2004


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Sai,

\Sri Sai Ram

and welcome to these news.
JaySaiRam will not waste time in wishing You “happy, holy and joyous Easter”.

Instead of this it is important to tell You the sweet guidance our beloved Bhagvan was giving to all this morning.

He was coming from Trayee Brindavanam and going straight down to His Devotees in Sai Ramesh Hall, using the elevator up to the “stage” and placing His marvelous form in the seat.

Sai Rames Hall was overcrowded; Many people from Kerala have come. Some cultural programme was started and during His Divine Discourse Bhagavan told,
that it is not enough to recognize GOD in Him, we also have to recognize GOD IN EVERY-ONE.

Dear Ones,
be happy with that!


Posted on 10-04-2004


Kerala Youth take over Brindavan Campus !

Jai Sairam,

Brindavan Asram is becoming livelier by the moment, minute, hour and day.

Business outside the asram is in full swing, the hotel walas and taxiwalas have their bonus days, for which they have been waiting all these months.

Right from morning 5 AM, there is crowd outside the asram, the tea shops and snack shops are doing excellent business.

Today Swami came a little late (nearly at 8.30 am), and as usual got down on the ladies side from the car, talked to couple of ladies and then the students and then slowly went along the center aisle. One could see the swell of devotees and bhaktas, the curious onlookers, the first timers, the impatient ones, the analytical ones, and many types of such people gathered in Ramesh Hall. Swamy took lots of letters, gave Vibhuti to quite a few, sprinkled Akshata, (holy rice) on many who had brought them to get Swami's blessings etc., Particularly Swami fondled and caressed an International devotee's hair while talking to him. He walked right out of Ramesh Hall, into the covered and raised new extended hall, and spoke to lot of people who had gathered there. Then He got into the car, and slowly got down from the College Boys Hostel side and slowly drove into Trayee Brindavan.

I wonder how many of you have noticed. Swami's appearance is never the same. Morning He looks different, evening He looks different, during Bhajans He looks different, during His talk with devotees He looks different. Even His hair appears different at different times. It is something extraordinary that only an Avatar can have.

Thus ended Swami's morning darshan, which lasted about half an hour. Then there was mad rush of devotees everywhere to the gokulam canteen for B'fast, to the Stores which has now some excellent items for devotees, and to the Book shop, where the staff were continuously giving demos of "My Life - My Message", "Quest" and "Chinna Katha" CD-ROM . If you were to stand and watch the ordinary devotees reaction to these demos, you could see that they were absolutely mesmerised and did not hesitate in purchasing. Many mentioned that these CD-ROMs were ideal gift to people back home, for Bal Vikas purposes and for elder folks and sit and watch in their own spare time, within the house. Also on display was huge canvas of Swami at the store, which was found priced at Rs.1650. Many international and Indian devotees were purchasing this canvas, and I am sure, it would make one very good pooja place when you install the Lord back home.

Then started the fun. Groups of devotees from Kerala began arriving. By early afternoon, nearly 700 of them (boys and girls from Youth wing of Kerala State), had arrived and were occupying the specially alloted areas for Darshan of their beloved Lord. In fact the Center Section of Ramesh Hall was literally full of Kerala people. When I enquired how many have come they replied that 3000 strong group has arrived and would come for Darshan in groups of 750 each day. Wow, that is Swami's love for Kerala and Kerala's love for Swami. In recent times, Kerala has been steadily bringing lots of devotees for the New Year function, which they call it as "Vishu"

During the morning Darshan, Swami spoke to the State President of Kerala. Last year the Kerala devotees had put up such an excellent program for Swami, and I am sure this year they are going to outbeat it. They have beautiful singers, they had brought mentally retarded and handicapped children last time who did excellent dances.

Afternoon Swami arrived only around 4.30 PM and was there for about 20 minutes. He looked slowly and hard at the Kerala group, and stood for a long time during Aarti. Then he departed. Bhajans nowadays is nectar. How I wish I am one of those boys. They are able to do that in the proximity of God, and with His grace.

Well thus ended the Saturday. I wonder what is in store tomorrow. I am sure there will be wonderful moments.

In my last mail, I was telling you about a sevak, who is illiterate, and I learnt how he happened to come to Swami's fold. He is from interior Karnataka and has been a Hanuman Bhakta. Back home he managed to attach himself to a Muslim, whom he found was always worshipping Hanuman ! Have you heard anything like this before ? A Muslim worshipping Hanuman. That Sadhu muslim, told this Sevak, that he must take further advise from his sister, who is equally a Hanuman Bhakta being a Muslim lady.

This lady in turn, told this sevak, that he must proceed to Puttaparthy and become a Bhakta of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who is God incarnate. She herself had never come to see our Lord, but she had instructed this sevak that he must go to Puttaparthy. Thus started the journey for this sevak nearly 12 years ago, and today, he is doing Seva to Swami, in whatever capacity that he can.

He also told me things that explained the omniscience of our beloved Lord. One day in 1993, he had a dream, in which Swami asked him what he wanted, and he replied that he wanted Vibhuti.

Within 3 days of this dream, while he waited for the Lord's darshan at Puttarparthy, Swami came right to him, and asked him in Kannada language, what he wanted and he repeated that he wanted Vibhuti, and Swami created it for him and gave it to him. This was in 1993 and since then, Swami had spoken to him a number of times, and had given Vibhuti also. Listening first hand to such fantastic omniscience of our Lord, sends a wave of bliss. I am sure each one of you would agree to this.

With Tamil new year day and Malayalam New year day approaching this coming week, Brindavan is going to witness some fantastic events. As of now, Kerala youth has taken over the campus, and they are there everywhere.

God bless and Sai pranams to one and all.

Repeat this mantra 108 times, while you are traveling and have our Lord with you all the times.

"Aum Bhagavan Sri Sathyasai Babaya Namaha"


Posted on 09-04-2004


Heart Stopped and Then Ran Wild


Sairam brothers and sisters,


Today (Good Friday) has been exceptional for me. You will understand "why" as you read below.


Swami came today early surprising everyone. He caught even the college boys by surprise by arriving early. He arrived at 7.25 AM and as usual got down on the ladies side from car and He walked from there very fast as if with a purpose and went straight to the college boys block, where He spent a little time talking to boys and then gradually moved behind..


Approaching the VIP block, He suddenly announced ( I believe He spoke so) that He has not been going to the side aisle and so today He would go to the side aisle of Men. He started off with a purposeful walk, and surprised everyone.  When I saw Him walking so, I knew immediately that Swami is going to come to my side, finally, and my heart stopped for a moment before racing again wildly.  Swami hardly stopped anywhere except when He approached a older devotee, with whom He spoke for a long time (or did the old devotee speak to Him for a long time ?) The devotee literally held Swami's hand and would not let it go.  Often the devotee would touch Swami and keep talking also. 


Swami made Vibhuti for him and applied it Himself on his forehead.  Then finally after what appeared as eternity, He started walking and now hardly stopped anywhere.  He was continuously walking, yet He walked very slow, so that all devotees could digest the beautiful form, the graceful gait, and wonderful smile, the piercing look.  Eager hands reached out to Him, to give their letters, but Swami indicated whose letter should be collected by the escorts and given to Him.  Particularly He collected some letters from international devotees, who were absolutely thrilled that their long wait and travel to India to see their Lord was well rewarded.


As Swami says that "prayer can do anything", today it was wonderful to witness this aspect. I have been praying to Swami for long years to grant me the "Look at me" wish.  Swami had never looked at me even once since 1996 that He saw me for a brief moment then.  Today my long years of prayers was answered and Swami gave His grace and looked at me, twice.  I was absolutely thrilled because it is a known fact that Swami's glance is enough to grant you Peace and plenty.


However Swami stopped short of the turn towards the center section, and consented to get into the Car, from which He gave beautiful darshan to all devotees and driving very very slowly along the center aisle and pleasing all the devotees. He was constantly waving out and blessing.  Occassionallly He would stop and talk to an odd devotee, before continuing.  Finally he drove out of Ramesh Hall to Trayee Brindavan.


Today the crowd has been more than normal, and the hall was full including the extended hall.  Even for afternoon darshan the turn out was more than normal.  With Kerala and Tamilnadu (Malayalam and Tamil new years) New year approaching, more number of devotees from these areas are turning up in large numbers.  It is expected that there would be around 20000 plus devotees around 14th and 15th of April.  Kerala is expected to bring in a huge contingent of youth this year also. Last year they did so beautifully well and Swami was thrilled with their devotion.


Afternoon Swami played His role of "Love my uncertainty" beautifully once again. Because He arrived earlier in the morning, the Hall was filled up by 2.30 PM and everyone awaited Swami's pleasure. But there was no news of Swami even till 4.25 PM. Then suddenly at 4.30 PM the instrumental music started, and everyone was happy that Swami is going to come any moment. All eyes were on the back stage curtain, from where Swami normally arrived.  But no such thing happened.  4.45 PM, then 5 PM and then 5.15 PM went past with scores of bhajans being sung by students and still no Baba.  Just when everyone thought that there is going to be no darshan, Swami arrived in His majesty and thrilled the audience.  He sat for about 15 minutes and went away, blessing everyone.


Brindavan is really alive now with hundreds of international devotees. The coffee shop, Book shop and stores all were full. People are highly excited. One can observe lot of new white covers in hands of devotees indicating their preparation to hand over their letters to Swami.


I also met a sevak, who is not educated, and learnt from him, how Swami attended to him.  More about this in my next mail.


sai pranams and regards





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