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Posted on 19/04/2004


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Sai,


\Sri Sai Ram

Within this I am sending some excerpts from private transcription from audio tape of Narasimhamurty's translation (English).


Sure that Your hearts are as thirsty as my self and all will enjoy these Divine Sweets.




of Bhagavân Sri Sathya Sai Baba
on 11th April 2004 in Sai Ramesh Hall at Brindavanam, Whitefield

***   excerpts from private transcription from tape   ***



Embodiments of Divine Love!

All of you are wasting your time. You are also wasting the value of this body which is so sacred. You are indulging yourself in all kinds of foolish sâdhanas. You have to feel that all that you see is God. Even a mosquito is God. An ant also is God. That is why Tyâgarâja said, praying to Rama, "You pervade an ant and also you are in the Brahma, you are Shiva, you are Keshava, you are everything." From the ant to Brahma it is God. Even ant is God. If you say that ant does not have God, how can it live? There is some poison in the ant. There is also sweetness in the ant. And there is positive attitude. And even the white ants can build up a mount. In the atom there is macrocosm. In the macrocosm there is the microcosm. You should not ignore the atom. Everything is divinity. Nothing exists without the principle of God.

Those who are angry, they are not able to understand what is God. Because they are angry, their blood is always hot and boiling. Because of that their mind is not steady, they are not able to recognise God. You have to give up fickleness of mind. You have to develop a steady mind. You can really realise God through that kind of steadiness. You have to get away from the fickleness of mind.


Every man is a form of God. It is not human form. They are manifestations of God. God has taken so many forms. How can you really think that man who is… You are not really man. You are all the embodiments of God. God has taken the human form and God in the form of many human forms is walking around-s earth. All men are God. God comes in the human form. You have to believe very strongly in the divinity that exists in man. When you believe strongly in God, you will loose your individual consciousness and gain divinity. When you believe that both are one and the same, the unity of both, the individual and God has got to be believed. Maya, our illusion, is in our seeing two when there is only one.

(Bhagavan ended His Discourse with the Bhajan “Hare Rama, Hare Rama”)


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