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Posted on 27th April, 2004

Dear Co-travellers,


I wish to share with you all our Sunday, 04/25/04, Baba's Morning Darshan At Whitefield.

Parents came from Visakhapatnam for a short visit to Bangalore (for 4 days). Mother is not well. She is not able to walk freely. She has fear that she may fall down if she walks. Her Body is Shaking. No Strength in her. They came Yesterday to Bangalore. Parents are eager to have Swamy's Darshan.

It is a real pleasure to visit Swamy along with my Mother & Father, who are my Teachers in Life. Swamy Granted me this boon to have his Darshan with them today.

Last year on Sri Rama Navami day, with Parents, Wife, and children visited Whitefield for Swamy's Darshan. During my last week Swamy's Darshan time, I recollected that visit and thought I missed that opportunity this year Sri Rama Navami, as Swamy was at Puttaparthi, and parents are at Visakhapatnam. Perhaps Swamy heard my prayers, and send them to me today.

We started from Mathikere (Bangalore) around 5.30am, and reached Brindavan Ashram around 6.20am. Mother cannot walk alone. I asked my wife to come with us to accompany mother. But, my wife did not accompany me, as she has to take care, to send children to coaching Centre around 8.30am.

I left it to Swamy to take care of my Mother.

Just before Kadugudi Railway Crossing, A lady devotee waved her hand asking us to give Lift. I stopped the Car, and took her with us. I was wondering at that time why she asked lift for this short Distance. But later I realised, that Swamy through her took care of my mother. That lady devotee helped my mother to enter Sai Ramesh Hall, and made my mother to sit on the Platform chars. Thank you sairam for this help.

Today No Huge Crowds. People are entering Sai Ramesh Hall. Me and my Father sat in right side Men's aisle, some where in the Middle. I prayed Swamy for good darshan.

Music started at 7.45am, followed by three Omkars and bhajans. Swamy came
to Sai Ramesh Hall around 7.45am. Swamy came in HIS car, got down at the ladies side of the entrance, where thoranam was tied. HE walked towards the boys after talking to one or two people. Now HE reached boys, talking to a few and continuing the straight path, having crossed the central aisle. Talked to some former students and headed towards the stage. He moved to the stage, and the Bhajans continued.

Swamy sat in Chair for 20 minutes listened to four or five bhajans, and then he got up and HE is leaving. Time is 8.15 am only. Very Short Darshan today.

HE walked towards the ladies' side of the stage. The car came into SR Hall. But Swamy preferred to walk through devotees. He got down from the stage and walked towards the Devotees Sitting outside, or Kalyan Mandap?

The ladies side devotees stood up and were eager to grab a glance of Swamy. We are cut off from what is going on the otherside.

After 10 minutes Swamy left to Trayee Brindavan in his CAR.

Lot of people got up as Swamy left for the day. We sat in Hall for some more time, and tried to absorb Swamy's Vibrations closing eyes.

Suddenly heard some excitement and when open eyes, Bhagawan appeared on the stage. Wondered, Surprised, and Shocked. Swamy is smiling. I felt that as Bala Gopala, Swamy is mischievous, and enjoying seeing devotees confusion (when they saw him unexpectedly). It is real gift he gave again today.

There are gaps in my front created by devotees going out. I lost no time to go to the front holding my fathers hand. Sat where we could see Swamy more
closely. Swamy is enjoying bhajans and rhythmically tapping HIS hand. It was a beautiful sight. Bhajans picked up momentum.

Swamy sat for 4/5 songs. Then HE spoke to some boys down the stage. There
were two boys to offer aarati and rose with folded hands. Swamy allowed for aarati. Two people with aarati came to dias. Swamy got up. 'Om jai Jagadeesh hare.... going on and Swamy left the Hall through the back door. Bhajan singing continued after aarati.

This is a departure from usual Sunday morning Darshan, where usually there is no aarati in the morning, and Bhajans conclude with aarati in the afternoon darshan.

Perhaps Swamy wanted to make us happy, and he knows that my parents and me are leaving after the Darshan. Thus HIS love knows no bounds and HE makes people happy breaking his norms.

Today Swamy appeared very energetic, and bright. He walked faster on his own, without support.

Later came to know, that there was Narayan Seva today and Swamy gone near the Kalyan Mandap and served food.

Swamy later helped my mother in ladies canteen, through other devotee, to collect and serve Breakfast to my mother.

A happy and Lovely Darshan Today. Thank you Sai Ram.

Jai Sai Ram.

with love
Prahlada Rao.

Posted on 15th April, 2004


Date: Sunday, 04/11/04 Baba’s Morning Darshan At Whitefield

Though set alarm at 4.45am. I woke up at 6.15 am. Slept deeply, and did not notice the Alarm ringing. Got ready by 6.30am and started by scooter to Whitefield. Did not take car, as I am alone, and finding Parking slot is difficult.

Started from Home in Mathikere-Bangalore at 6.30am, and Reached Whitefield around 7.30am. For Sunday Darshan better to be at Brindavan by 6.30am to get into token Que. As I came late, and today being Sunday, If I get Swamy’s Darshan it is his Grace only. Deposited my Bag in cloak room while the line I moving towards the Ashram Entrance gate. Now shoes and chappals to be left outside the Ashram only. Two Shoe Stands are placed. Left the Shoes near the Wall. The Line is not moving and stopped outside Brindavan gate. Waited for some time in Line. Then came to the Gate to find the reason. Surprise. No Place to devotees in Brindawan Darshan Hall, and hence Queue stalled.

Today our Bangalore Vedic Group's common monthly practice is scheduled in Sai Kalyana Mantapam after morning darshan. After that our Indira Nagar Sai-Darshan Veda team arranged a program to go to Kolar 70 km away from Bangalore, for Vedic Chant in one of its member Radha’s new-house, followed by some visits to famous Vinayaka Temple, Anjaneya Temple, and KotiLinga Temples in that Place.

Requested sevadal at Gate and entered Sai Ramesh Hall. The entire place is full with devotees. Stood in Queue. Surprisingly we are asked to move to right side aisle of S R Hall. Entered Sai Ramesh Hall, and Sat at end of Sai Ramesh Hall (S R Hall) in extreme right side aisle. But, the view to Swamy's Dias in Sai Ramesh Hall is completely blocked with the old people sitting in raised platform extreme right side of the S R Hall. Hence, moved to front, where there is a opening for people to enter S R Hall, and no blockage for view. Men's central aisle is full of Sai Youth in Saffron Scarf. I came to know that there are 3000 youth came from Kerala today, and all are given preference to sit in Sai Ramesh Hall. Brindavan campus wore a festive look today and the campus was full of Kerala devotees. There was no place for the usual devotees to sit inside Sai Ramesh Hall Central aisle. Even the VIPs were shifted to far right side beyond the Hall.

Swamy Came at 8.15am, and got down from the Car near Ladies side Entrance. Swamy walked straight to Stage. Looking at the Devotees, slowly Sat in chair. The Kerala State President then took Swami's permission and spoke to the audience. This was followed by one of the student's address to the audience. It was wonderful to listen the student, and his experiences with Swamy. He mentioned about a dream which he had in which Swami gave him the "meaning" of "Hold on to me".

Then came the beautiful surprise to all devotees. Swami gave a discourse to all devotees. The theme was "Protect Satya, and live for Sathya". Swamy says when you live in Satya, Then you don't have to do anything for Dharma because Sathya looks after everything. Swamy talked on what God is and where you can see him? and how to adherence to Sathya, and attain God realization. Swamy talked from 8.30am to 9.30am. They announced that Sadhana Camp of the Kerala Youth is scheduled in SaiKalyana Mantapam at 10.00am.

After Darshan while standing at the Entrance of Hall, I could see the ocean of people moving out. I never saw such a Huge Crowd in Brindavan. What is happening? Is it an indication that the Crowds will increase exponentially here after as told by Swamy earlier.

After Darshan I met my Veda Group members. The scheduled Veda Chanting program in Sai-Kalyana Mantapam, Brindavan is cancelled, due to the sadhana Camp of the Kerala Youth scheduled in SaiKalyana Mantapam at 10.00am. Our Veda Chanting practice in Sai-Kalyana Mantapam, is cancelled for today, and our Indira Nagar Sai-Darshan Veda team proceeded to Kolar in the KSRTC Bus hired for the Koti Lingeswara swamy temples visit.

It is a blessing to see Shanmukha Sai (Chennai) with us in the bus, as our Veda Guru Kumar’s Guest. Shanmukha Sai (Chennai) is Swamy's Close circle devotee, and I was told that Our Swamy accepted the yellow dress given by Shanmukha Sai and wore it on Sivaratri Day. After our Koti Lingeswara Temple Visit we reached Whitefield at 7.30 pm. Lot of Busses stalled outside Ashram, and picking up Kerala Devotees.

After attending the Vibration Healing Class at 9.00pm, I reached back Home at 10.30 hrs.

Thank you Swamy for blessed me with a nice Sunday, and is able to hear Swamy's Discourse, after Darshanam, and a Nice Satsanga at Kolar.

Pardon me if any mistakes in this due to my poor editing, or due to my mis comprehension.

Jai Sai Ram
Prahlada Rao