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Posted on 27.04.2004

20th Anniversary of Trayee Brindavan Celebrated on 26-4-2004

Jai Sairam, Jai sairam, Jai Sairam,

It has been a most extraordinary wonderful loving day here at Brindavan on 26-4-2004 (today is 27-4-2004)

I have been mentioning about my ISP problems. Yesterday i returned home with thoughts of sending a wonderful message to the devotees around the world, on the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Trayee Brindavan, Swami's residence at Brindavan, Whitefield, Bangalore.

But I am beginning to reconcile to the fact that my ISP is a poor operator and it is providence which did not want me to send the message yesterday. How excited I was to share the proceedings. Anyway, here I am, as usual one day late. Do forgive me. At my age, I am unable to walk into cyber-cafes.

Only on arrival at Brindavan yesterday I did notice that the whole place has been colorfully and tastefully decorated. Love for Swami puts ideas into various Seva Dal, who outshine each other, in bringing out the best of their talents. Thus Ramesh Hall, and the center Stage in particular, was so beautifully decorated, and words fail me to describe it adequately.

For a change, the stage background was changed into a floral green with white background, with Krishna's statue, who stands as a mute witness to the events that rock and roll the Brindavan on Swami's advent on this mother earth.

Is there a possibility that Krishna feels jealous looking at the grandeur of How Swami in this physical shape, is conducting the affairs on this earth ?

How can it be ? He is beyond such thoughts even. But then I always reflect upon this thought as what and above whom, Krishna would have spoken in His days ? Our living God speaks always about Rama and Krishna besides the
Gods of all other Religion.

Anyway, the center stage was decorated with lovely and lively bouquets adorning the walls of the center stage and gopuram (mast like structure). Red, Rose, white and green was the color combination that the Seva Dal had used. Krishna was also wearing a green garland with white outer. The settings were just wonderful. On the entrance to Ramesh Hall, a huge arch in very bold letters said "20th Anniversary of Trayee Brindavan".

Swami came in around 8 am and as usual got through the ladies wing, taking letters and talking to many devotees. His assurances, His smile, His love and His compassion melts even the toughest characters sitting for darshan. One moment they are indiscipline if you observe them, and the next, they become so meek and submissive. How does such transformation take place at a given moment ? Only Lord Sai knows the answers to all this.

Swami walked along the center aisle, taking letters and making devotees happy and happier, with the car discreetly following Him. At the end of Ramesh Hall, Swami elected to continue around the turn towards the men aisle side, and made me happy once again, because I was not expecting such
a reward so soon.

Swami kept walking and finally at one point the car overtook Swami and stopped just a little short of me, and my heart beat like mad, because the Darshan was so close and yet so far (that was how, I assessed at that moment)

With the car door open I suddenly saw Swami shaking His Head and saying that He does not want the car and He continued to walk towards me. Two feet short of me, He stopped and gave me a long look, before walking and now coming to stand right next to me. I cannot quite describe those wonderful moments but all of you can imagine it in your own ways. At this point, I wish to thank Gina from USA, who had wished that Swami should reward, and I am happy and contented that I have already been rewarded twice, and I thank Gina for the prayer that she had for me. This also goes to prove that prayers can be very powerful particularly when we do things selflessly.

Since Swami says that the atman in all of us in one, I think we can bring the scene in front of our eyes and enjoy those moments.

Finally what appeared like eternity, Swami moved away to go the stage, in between talking to many and to students in particular. He then sat in thestage for about 20 minutes, before taking Aarti and walking out. But here again, there was a change yesterday.

Throughout the Aarti Swami was observed to stand on the stage supervising the distribution of Prasadam, which was well packed in a container with the words "Sri Sathyasai students" mentioned on them. Finally swami went out to the Kalyana Mantapam, where they were hosting a lunch for the Students and faculty, and from the Kalyana Mantapam, Swami went back to Trayee Brindavan.

When Swami arrived in the morning, He was received with piped music etc., And similarly piped music was played at the end when He was leaving.

Afternoon darshan was equally magnificent, and Swami came around 4.30 PM and sat for around 30 minutes before taking aarti.

The highlights of Monday (26-4-2004)was the combination bhajan singing by students, Brindavan singers and Seva Dal singers. They sang very well and with love and affection and gratitude for Swami.

Like I said earlier, the above report is of Monday the 26th April and it is 27th today. I am sorry once again, that I could not file this yesterday itself.

As I was leaving Brindavan yesterday, I noticed that there were some other kind of preparations. Then I saw a notice stuck in a corner which read "Akhand Sai Deepam - One Lakh Deepams".

So in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Trayee Brindavan, the organisers gave a spectacular 100000 lamp show in the night lighting this around 6 PM just when it was beginning to get dark. Of course I did not wait to see this, since I had to travel far, but today other devotees told me that it was fantastic.

sai pranams,


Posted on 25.04.2004

Jai Sairam,

This Sunday (today) is very very special. Because our Lord's compassion and love can only be understood when you watch His uncertainty unfolding for Devotees and others' sake. No wonder He commands us to Love His uncertainty.

Swami came for morning darshan a little past 8 AM. Being Sunday, crowds were more than normal. I spotted Shri Sunil Gavaskar today. It is great to watch people who have marked a niche in International arena and coming for Swami's Darshan. Swami's love knows no bounds. The tap of love is open and one should know, how to open it. That is about all.

Bhajans started as usual, but with a difference. May be it is the selection of Bhajans, may be it is the Grace of the Lord, may be today's singers were different, the Bhajans throughout the day was superb. One can notice that the devotees voluntarily take part in singing the bhajans loudly. Today's Raag, Taal, and Sruti, was great. It is as if there was a synchronisation between the Lord's frequency and that of the Devotees'.

The melodies were good. Swami initially started walking through the ladies side, spoke to couple of ladies, and then crossed over to the VIP block area, where He walked with a definite purpose to talk to selected devotees, and get the hearts of the side aisle people racing because He has to turn into the men side aisle today.

But then "Love my uncertainty" did the trick, and turned smartly towards the stage, crossing the students and went to the stage to sit and listen to the Bhajans. After about 30 minutes on the stage, He got up and walked out through the right side aisle and through the Ladies towards the Kalyan Mantap area, where I am given to understand that there was a Narayan Seva (Service to the poor and downtrodden).

Though I was unable to confirm, Swami it appears walked right into kitchen area, blessed the food, and supervised the distribution of clothes and prasadam to the poor people. In fact I did not know about it at all, until I saw beaming poor people (Ladies and gents), walking away home with a sari, or a dhoti (dress material worn in these parts) and with food packed in a leaf.

Looking at those faces, I saw the bewitching Smile of the Lord on their faces - even it was for a moment, it was written all over their face, that there is SOMEONE who cares for them too. Against all hopes and uncertainties, these people elk out a living on a day to day basis, and today it was their day of celebration. Even in Kali yuga, there is a saviour who has come specially for them, and training the devotees to learn from "My Life - My Message" and tell us all, "Why don't you follow my example?"

After about 15 minutes at the Kalyana Mantapam area, Swami came out and got into the car and drove towards His Residence. So as usual, devotees did their namaskarams and walked out thinking that the morning session was over(including me).

I ran out of the gate for a cup of tea before the crowds came, when someone told me that Swami did the trick all over again, and came back into the center stage to sit on His chair to listen to more bhajans. Everyone rushed here and there, to get back to their missed places. I rushed too but had to contend with standing outside and listening to the Bhajans and seeing our dear Lord happily sitting on the Chair. He was thoroughly enjoying the bhajans today.

After about another 20 minutes, Swami got up and something else happened, possibly for the first time in years. Due to reasons unknown, Aarti was performed in the morning on Sunday (On Sundays Bhajans are continuously sung, and Aarti is given one time only in the evening), amidst confusion. Swami took it and went out, and after a pause, the Bhajans continued.

Today in particular there was emotion and feeling in the hearts of the singers. They cried out to their Lord, invoking and seeking His Grace. It was very evident, because the devotees were observed to be whole heartedly joining the Bhajans.

Swami came around 4 PM and took His seat. Even as He entered the stage, He queried something from the Ladies singers side before taking HIs seat. Then as usual He was swaying to the music of Excellent Bhajans.

After about 40 minutes when Aarti was offered, He took a flower which was offered to Him and kept it with Him. As He was going out of the stage, He threw the flower to a lady singer devotee and showed His grace on her. Lucky day for her and I am sure she must be grateful for her Lord's gesture for her.

Thus ended one of the most fantastic Sunday sessions.

I loved the day. Reading this update, I am sure you all will equally enjoy.

regards to my brothers and sisters,


Posted on 24.04.2004


Sairam brothers and sisters,

As usual my ISP is continuing to have problems and so I could not send the report yesterday.

Swami arrived on Friday a little earlier than usual, and thrilled the audience by spending more time with His devotees.

It is a joy to watch international devotees silently conveying their thanks when He accepts their letters.  Their eyes speak it so beautifully, such that I cannot easily describe it.

If Swami can give an international devotee that much happiness, then the statements which we all have read earlier that Swami chooses his devotees carefully, and everyone cannot reach Him so easily, makes it a reality.

People vie with each other for a better place to sit.  Devotees raise their hands in salutation, holding their letter on top, so that Swamy can see their call.  Of couse Swami knows everything, and only when the right things click into place, does He grant His blessing.  One has to really try  hard.

When Swami sits on the Chair at Ramesh Hall, He observes everything, and nothings escapes His attention.  His divine grace is always on the students and faculty. One can fathom His love for students, even from a great distance.

On Friday He walked his usual round along the center aisle and chose to get into the car before He crossed the Ramesh Hall.  Afternoon darshan started at 4.15 PM and Swami was there for about 35 minutes.

I hear people always arguing about Kodaikanal visit.  I do not understand why ?  The moment is Here now where Swami is making the devotee Happy at Brindavan, Bangalore. Why should anyone break this and imagine a likely Kodai visit ?  Swami always reminds us about the present and not think about the future or past.  So it would be wise to do just that.

Crowds nowadays is thin possibly because of the heat.  However devotees are observed to arrive from far and wide.  Almost all of them are happy and enjoy their stay here.

That is all for now.

sai regards


Posted on 23.04.2004

Jai Sairam,

Today I am particularly happy, because I received a personal message from one of the devotees from USA by name Gina, who had expressed her happiness about the reports that I file on Swamy at Brindavan. She had ended her communication with the wish that the Lord should reward me.

Guess what happened ?

Being Thursday the crowds were a little more, Swami arrived around 10 minutes to 8 AM, and as usual began walking along the ladies aisle, and then cutting through to the student side, where He blessed possibly students having their birthday today. Being Thursday, Bhajans were being sung in the morning also today. Then Swami began to walk along the center aisle, starting with ladies side. Spoke to number of lady devotees and then crossed over to the gents side. Then He walked along the gents side for fail a long distance, with the car discreetly following. I got a seat in the right aisle again today, and had no hopes of Swamy coming anywhere near, particularly since Swami went past the side aisle hardly two days ago.

But today Swami did not even glance at the car. He smartly turned left at the end of Ramesh Hall center aisle, and caused a real flutter of excitement in the men wing. Lots of devotees were observed to cross over all the way, quietly finding gaps and filling them up quick. My own heart ran wild, because it appeared that there was a chance of Gina's prayer coming true. Would Swamy come near me ?

Prayers are always listened to by our beloved Lord. With His compassion, He slowly came nearer and near and was within 2 feet of me. He did not look at me when He was that near, but I was so happy with His nearness, that tears almost came to my eyes. Thus a devotee's wish and blessing all the way from USA, came true when she wished that I should be rewarded for the efforts in filing these reports. I would like to thank Gina, for making a wish like that.

Of course all of you know, that none of us should expect a reward because, for us Swami is far more important and there is delight in sharing the info relating to Swami. Each one of us are finding the path of spirituality being opened which is mutually beneficial. Most of us have seen the other paths and where they lead, before we gracefully accepted the path shown by Swami.

Coming back to Darshan, today something else happened for the first time. Ever since His fall in June last year, Swami never walked a full circle as He did today. He started from the center aisle, and completed a full circle of the men's wing, before getting onto the stage, to listen to the Thursday morning bhajans. It is a miracle come true. To see Swami walk that far in one continuous session, it was simply superb. May all of us benefit hereafter by Swami's walk as before amongst the devotees. The car kept following but Swami did not even glance at it. The car had to return silently to the side parking lot.

After about 15 minutes on the center stage listening to Bhajans, Swami took Aarti and left. Thus today morning Darshan, was fantastic for hundreds of devotees and to me in particular, because now I am thrice blessed in seeing Swami real close within a period of 20 days.

Based on the report that I had filed on Shri Narasimha Moorthy's book, queries have begun to come to the book center. At least that is what the staff told me. I too purchased the book recently, and liked the contents. Mr Narasimha Moorthy must have really struggled to reach his present location, and of course with Swami's grace, it is obvious that anyone of us can cross the mountain or the ocean with ease. We just need His namasmarana. The name of the God on our lips all the time, would do wonders.

Afternoon darshan started a little before 4 PM and Swami took His chair to listen to some excellent whole hearted Bhajans singing by the Students. I really admire their grit to please Swami. Swami as usual glanced at each one of the boy, and swaying to the Bhajans. He sat for nearly 40 minutes before taking Aarti and leaving.

Hope you are all benefitting from the catalogue that most of you must have received from The store tells me that orders have come from Germany, London and the USA for multimedia CD-ROM packages that was recommended in the catalogue. I am now planning to plunge into a new area of inviting those whom I know to gift "My love - My Message" CD-ROM to another family, whom we love. I feel that if each one of us were to make this gift to someone that we love, we would actually spread the message of Swami, wisely and as an act of Service. And of course within this next month or so, I plan to procure a package of these CD-ROMs for my family too. What I could not learn or teach about culture, I am sure that these CD-ROMs would do, and children in our families would benefit, besides our friends and relatives.

I am now eagerly waiting to lay my hands on Prof Korubu's book, that I mentioned in my last mail. I am searching for the same, and have not been able to get it so far. Once I read it, I will tell you the gist of it.

Jai sairam and in sai love I end today's report. And Gina sister, thanks for your prayer and I acknowledge that I got the reward today.


Posted on 22.04.2004


Jai Sairam brothers and sisters,

Afternoon update of Wednesday, here at Bangalore.

Swami arrived around 4.10 PM (local time), just when it started raining. Being a working day, the crowds were quite thin.

It must have been a welcome rain for the devotees because it has been rather hot at Bangalore for the last so many days. During the entire period of darshan in the afternoon, it was raining, and it was as if, Swami had granted that relief.

Sure enough when I returned home traveling around 40 KM, there was no rain anywhere else. Sai God, always takes care of His devotees.

I like to mention once again, that Swami looks different when you look at Him from different angles, different times etc.,
Morning as He was approaching and walking along the center aisle, He looked like a boy, gradually becoming what He actually is - looking at 78 years of age. Sometimes I find His hair parted, and other times, it is in one single round shape.

He plays with His hair at times, when due to breeze or other reasons, the hair falls or touches His face. It is simply beautiful to see Swami touching the lock of hair and putting it back in place.

Yet another thought strikes me always. Swami is the Rama, Krishna and all the previous avatars put in one single shell NOW. He speaks about all these previous Avatars. I wonder, about which Avatar or about whom Krishna or Rama would have spoken in their days. Food for thought ?

Inspite of His physical discomfort, Swami hardly cares and loves to walk limping just to please His devotees and Bhaktas. To see Him walk like that, pains me. But then many say He is God, and so won't feel pain! But Swami clarifies that He has to undergo all that a human being has to undergo. Which means that He has to feel the pain. Swami often says that pain is there, but then because He is not this body, He does not pay it much attention. Why can't we likewise do the same. It would save us all huge doctor bills. But then the Maya (illusion) is so powerful that we all feel the pain, and want to go the Doctor, and are willing to pay huge bills. Life is like that.

Bhajans were great as usual. Swami looks at these students who sing the bhajans with love. His eyes glance at each and every student who is sitting in front of Him. In His look, there is everything. Love, affection, joy, abhaya, care, compassion, caution and whatever you may like to add !

After about 25 minutes Swami took Aarti and left. Thus ended Wednesday.

Next update within the next few minutes, since it is already Thursday.

Sai pranams


Posted on 21.04.2004


Jai Sairam,

Once again due to ISP crash, I could not send this report yesterday itself. My apologies.

Even as I was waiting for Swami's darshan yesterday, I came across a teacher who asked me whether I have yet read the book of Prof.Korubu, to which I replied in the negative.

On query, I was given to understand the manner in which our beloved Lord selected the faculty for his deemed University long ago.

This was during the time, when Prof Gokak was the vice chancellor. And they had advertised for 15 faculty positions to be filled up and something like 18000 applications were received. With that sort of overwhelming response, the authorities were flabbergasted as to how to select the faculty.

After lot of deliberation, it was decided to place the matter in the hands of Swami, and Swami told them to arrange all the applications received on a big table, and that He would come and help the selection process.

As organised by the University staff and on an appointed day, our Lord visited the Administration Office to see the letters arranged on the table. After looking at the applications for a few seconds, Swami put out His hand and selected 15 applications, and gave them to the Vice Chancellor.

Much to the delight of one and all, it was found that Swami had selected one faculty each for all the 15 faculty needs. What a miracle !

When we have such a master churning us around, "Why fear, when I am here"?

Morning Darshan started as usual around 8.15 AM, and Swami walked His usual way. However once again, to the delight of those who were sitting on the side aisle(men), Swami turned into the side aisle and caused such a beautiful excitement.

Thus I am now twice blessed to have the Darshan of our beloved Bhagavan, close up, really close in the last 20 days that Swamy has been here. Is it not wonderful. Please join me in our sincere prayer to keep the Lord with us all the time. He is ever so merciful, and compassionate.

The afternoon darshan started a little after 4 PM, and Swami took His chair to listen to the bhajans, which went on for sometime. However Swami departed 20 minutes after His arrival and went through the right exit on the center stage, which is rare. He normally goes through the left exit only.

Swami took a letter from an International devotee child yesterday morning, making the child and their family so happy. If you had looked at the face of the child and Swami's face, there was perfect unison and integration. Purity does help as Swami says. What a sweet smile Swamy gave to that child. Most of the society leave their children care of the TV (Tele Visham, as swamy points out; Visham means Poison). However this International devotee thought it fit to bring a small child all the way for an introduction to the Master of the Universe.

Today (Wednesday) the morning darshan started at aroun 8.10 AM and Swami as usual came via the ladies side. Today He did marathon walking, walking all the way into the extended area of Ramesh Hall ignoring the car that was discreetly following HIM. Such was His compassion for His devotees, who had thronged to see HIm from real close.

Since my ISP is still down, I thought it fit to send this update from a cybercafe today, instead of waiting for evening to go home and then send.

Somebody drew my attention also today to one of the best sai humour. During Prof Kasturi's days, Swami one day asked him, as to why he was wearing a bandage on his forehead (He meant the thick Vibhuti horizontal lines that Prof Kasturi used to wear always). To Swami it appeared as a bandage ?

Kasturi who is known for his sense of wit, took it beautifully and informed Swami that he needed that bandage to get rid of the worldly BONDAGE. How nice it was to listen to this sai humor.

Sai pranams.


Posted on 19.04.2004

Sairam brothers and sisters, 

Firstly my apologies for not sending yesterday's update. i.e., Sunday's - due to my ISP being down and I did not have the opportunity to go out. 

Sunday was as usual.  At Brindavan the Sunday routine starts with commencement of instrumental music, as soon as Swami is seen outside of his Trayee Brindavan residence, and is immediately replaced by the start of bhajans by Brindavan Bhajan Group. 

Incidently Brindavan Bhajan group consists of members who vie very hard to present their devotion to Swamy and are a blessed   lot. Almost all of them are excellent singers.  Those who have the natural talent for being a lead bhajan singer and are regular and sincere in their devotion to Bhagavan, are selected by the senior members of the Brindavan Bhajan group (both ladies and gents), and are gradually moulded into being fit singers to sing live in front of Swamy.  Swamy enjoys their bhajans, many a time swaying to the music melodies presented by this talented group. At times Swami is in bliss listening to these bhajans. 

Often you can notice Swamy looking at these singers with love and affection and would raise His hand in Abhaya.  Many want to sit where these singers sit, but one has to do penance for reaching where these bhajan singers have reached.  Such is their love and dedication to Swami. 

Swami would occasionally, grant grace by giving these singers a sari, or a dress material etc., and the joy these singers derive from receiving such token of love direct from their saviour cannot be easily described. 

On Sunday Swami came a little late and did not do His usual round.  Infact He surprised everyone who were craning their neck as usual at the Ladies entrance, by entering through the back of the stage and coming directly to His chair on the stage and sitting down there. 

He enjoyed about 10 Bhajans are so, before electing to leave by the back door. As usual He looked in the direction of students, singers and the devotees assembled (both sides) before moving away.    

As is the practice, the Bhajans continued right from morning that Swamy appeared.  On Sundays the Bhajans do not stop and Aarti is not given to Swami until He comes a second time in the afternoon, and now at the end of Bhajans when Swamy gets up, Aarti is given. 

So for all practical purposes, Swami is present in the Bhajan Hall even though He has physically left His chair. 

Swami came around 4.15 PM in the afternoon, and again took His chair straight.  He sat for just 15 minutes and left the Hall after blessing the devotees.  Thus ended the Sunday. 

Today - Monday was a repeat of Sunday, except that Swami delighted the assembled devotees by accepting their letters, affectionately talking to many devotees from all the Blocks, and particularly making many a foreign devotee happy by accepting their letters.  You should be here to see the joy on their face when Swami takes one of their letter.   

Blessed are these international devotees, who have spent a large sum to come all the way just to receive the blessings of our beloved Bhagavan.  I say this particularly because there are people right here in Whitefield who have not yet entered the Asram.  Unless Baba wills it no one can visit Puttaparthi or Brindavan - that is for sure.  This is also an indication that Lord knows who is related in what manner in the many births that we all take. 

Today I heard the report on the book written by Sri Narasimhamoorthy, warden of the Sathya Sai Boys hostel at Brindavan. This book is lively and narrates the hurdles one has to cross, before coming closer to the Lord. If you have not read the same, you can order the same by sending an email to   

As mentioned earlier, any devotee can now order a book or VCD or CD-ROM by email and get it at your respective location. For this all you need to do is to register your name by sending an email to the above email address. 

Swami came around 4.05 PM today for the evening Darshan and sat for about 30 minutes.  The students as usual sang  excellent bhajans.  Swami took Aarti and left. 

At the store today I saw the huge canvass of Swami being sold for Rs.1650.  Fantastic canvass and very huge. Must be around 6 feet by 5 feet or so.  I shall try to get a digital photo of the same soon, if possible, and then circulate it so that those devotees who may like to have them, can correspond with Brindavan stores. 

Hopefully my next update will have Part - II of "How I met Baba". I am sorry to have delayed this, but it has become very difficult to devote more time for the computer, particularly when Baba is here at Bangalore. 

With sai regards to each one of you. 


Posted on 17.04.2004


Sairam brothers and sisters,


Good is always followed up by something bad.  God's name and meditation alone saves one from the jaw of perils that await us at each moment of our sojourn on this earth.


Thus it is with a sad feeling of loss that I now write to inform you all about tragedy striking one of the devotee troupe that was returning to Kerala from Bangalore in a van.


It appears that the van in which a lot of devotees were traveling towards Kerala fell down 20 feet when the Driver who is also a seva Dal momentarily slept, and lost control. The outcome was, many were injured but one Office bearer of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation from Kerala by the name of Shri Chandrasekhar had to sacrifice his life.


How fortunate he must have been.  Even during death, which took him by surprise, he must have carried the sweet and loving memories of darshan of his chosen Lord.  May we all pray for his soul to rest in peace with our dear Bhagavan.


I could not post this update yesterday due to computer problem.  Darshan in the morning on Friday was earlier than usual and Swami arrived at 7.25 AM, changing the previous routine.  He walked as usual amongst the students and devotees, for about 20 minutes before choosing to get into the car and leave for Trayee Brindavan. Of course He left His entire team of devotees very very very happy.


The afternoon session was very nice with lovely bhajans being sung by the college students.  Swami enjoyed the bhajans often swaying to the music. He looked hard at some of the boys singing the bhajans.  Couple of times He glanced at the ladies side.


After about 30 minutes He got up and took Aarti and left.  Thus ended the Friday.


With the departure of Kerala youth it is very noticeable that the crowds have reduced.  It was like a fair when the Kerala team was here.


Afternoon session yesterday was also like the morning on Friday. Swami arrived around 4.15 PM and sat for about 30 minutes.  For the first time, in long years, I was fortunate to get a seat somewhere near, and I could see Swami clearly. He looked magnificent.  After about 30 minutes, Swami took Aarti and left via the back stage.


Today at the store I saw that they have introduced paper bags in place of plastic, to carry the stores items purchased.  This was quite a good move to be environment friendly and was very well appreciated by the International Devotees.  When I enquired further I was given to understand that number of ex students of the Sathya Sai Institutes have joined together to train the rural folks making these paper covers as a seva project so that they could earn an income and the waste paper be recycled in the bargain.  The covers were expected to take up to 4 Kg weight.


Lovely lilies and lotus decorate the Book center and stores area.  These are a sight to watch and enjoy.


The Kerala Youth conference discourse by Swami was selling like hot cake today.  Almost everyone was purchasing a cassette. Now we await the release of Swami's speech on the 15th in cassette form.  It should come out in  a day or two as per the Stores Staff.


A new audio CD was found at the store titled "Sai Baba". This I am given to understand consists of all the Telugu Compositions of Swami in His yester Years.  I was told that an Italian devotee has set music to the singing of Telugu poems by Swami and many International devotees were observed to purchase this.


I also heard couple of devotees enquiring from the staff to recommend a set of CD-ROMs/VCDs that would be considered useful for families back home, when they went back.  I heard the staff recommending to purchase "My Life - My Message", "The Quest", "Life is a game" and "Chinna Katha Vol I and Vol II" as the package that is strongly recommended for each family. The package cost without shipping costs would be around 1500 in Indian Rupees.


Some of the items which were very popular with the Russian devotees in particular was "Chyawanprash" one of the excellent health tonics made in India by a company.  It was observed that the Russian devotees were carrying two per head at least.


Saturday turned out to be calm day, except that the Sun has begun to show His might once again. Days are fairly hot now once again in Bangalore.  Swami came in around 8.15 AM and walked His usual area, before getting into the car and going away. 


The afternoon session was also similar like the previous day with Swami sitting for about half hour.  However there was a distraction today, with one older devotee falling down unconscious and creating problems for the Admininistration. Swami kept looking at that disturbance, and so followed the devotees assembled inside. 


Luckily to the relief of all, the older devotee revived and we all saw Swami raising His right hand in Abhaya and blessing the devotee.  Swami stayed for around half hour and left via the back stage.


Next update on Sunday follows tomorrow.


Until then, Jai sairam


regards to each and everyone of you.




PS:  Pl forgive my typos as I do not have time to re-check. There may be many spelling errors




Posted on 15.04.2004


Kerala Team misses the surprise discourse today

Sairam dear brothers and sisters,
It has been a day of uncertainty and surprise.
Majority of Kerala devotees had left yesterday on the conclusion of the Onam (VISHU) function.  Today being Thursday here, the crowds were large.
I could get a better seat finally for darshan, after the departure of the Kerala devotees.  Instumental music started at 7.50 AM, and all necks were craned towards the entry to Ladies wing.  But there was no sight of Swami anywhere.
Time stopped for all. Time went too fast for  the impatient ones. Swami nowadays beautifully demonstrates His "Love my uncertainty".  Many got up to leave as time kept ticking past.  Bhajans were going on in the normal way.  It became 8.15 AM, then 8.30 PM, then it became nearly one hour after the commencement of instrumental music, with no sight of Swami.
Then there was a call for the Kerala Organisers to go to Trayee Brindavan (Did Swamy call for them?) They left their seats and hurried, only to return shortly, because Swami made His entrance in a grand way at 9 AM finally.  So it was more than 70 minutes from the time the instrumental music started to finally Swami entering the stage.  Swami did not get down at the ladies side, but entered through the rear of the stage and came and took His seat.  However hardly two bhajans finished after Swami's arrival, when Swami got up to leave. Aarti was given and Swami made His exit. That's it.  The morning session ended with this uncertainty.
Afternoon session had a different type of surprise.  Swami sat through the Bhajans sessions, and then at some point in time, He signaled for someone from the audience to come to the stage, and I understand that it was Mr Bopat from London UK, who addressed the audience as directed by Swami.  This was a surprise event.
Swami did not stop with that. He signaled for things to be arranged and guess what ?  To the delight of one and all it turned to be a discourse, that was anticipated both on Tamil New Year's day as well as Malayam New Year's day (Vishu), which of course did not take place.  Swami spoke on the theme of "Love as the basis" for everything in this universe.  Thus ended a great day of uncertainty.
Kerala devotees were so eager to hear Him. But it was not destined due to reasons known only to Swami.  I am sure when they come to know about this they will all feel bad. Few left over Kerala devotees were lucky of course.  You know how it is. Some people usually stay a little long to be with Swami, while others have to go back, to attend to their routine.
When I visited the store, I found the Cassette on sale, with Swami's discourse which He made on the inauguration of "Kerala Youth conference".  This is priced at Rs.20 and can be purchased from the store.
If you have someone in Bangalore, then ask them to pick up this cassette for you.  Contents of the discourse will appear shortly in the Sanathana Sarathy also, in the routine manner.
I am given to understand that Brindavan does not have the facility like Puttaparthy, to get the discourses translated then and there and made available to public on the same day.  Here it takes time, to find an editor and then make it available.
I have received many "thank you" messages from devotees who have registered their names for catalogues from the Books center at Brindavan.  I am simply conveying what I see, and no special thanks are called for.  If devotees around the world are happy, then it makes me happy too. We are together in this as a sai family, and sharing means caring.
We all can join and help in making devotees around the globe aware of Swami's mission.  Towards this, I request all group members to pass on the facility of receiving the catalogue and other audio/video items direct from Brindavan Asram, by asking them to register their names at  This by itself would be a seva. 
Also at the store, I found a new VCD "Sant Jayadeva" which is available on sale.  I witnessed this dance drama, which was excellent.  It is about Saint Jayadeva, who has the darshan of Krishna (Jagannatha), under difficult circumstances.  I recall with delight that this dance drama was very well appreciated and praised by International devotees in particular.  The settings for this dance drama was so superb that it was difficult to believe that the sets were made by students and not professionals. This dance drama took place during the recent sports meet in January 2004.
Well that is all for now.  I request all group members to recite "Aum Bhagavan Sri Sathyasai Babaya Namah" 108 times whenever they undertake travel.  This mantra is very potent and powerful.
with sai pranams and sai love

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