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Posted on 06.05.2004


Jai sairam,

It is with mixed feelings that I am writing this update. Yesterday that is on Wednesday, there was no darshan at all. As part of "Love my Uncertainty" this is quite common - so I thought too !

Today (Thursday) being Easwarama's day, it was announced yesterday that Darshan would be there today. So with a mixed feeling of "what to expect"

I reached Brindavan today morning.

The first noticeable thing was that devotees were being ushered right into Trayee Brindavan - Swami's residence area today.  While this was being welcomed as a fantastic bonus by the devotees, everyone was equally apprehensive, as to what was going to unfold today.

As can be expected, the whole of Trayee Brindavan was shining thanks to the efforts of our hard working Seva Dal, and the students of Brindavan. Swami's lotus shaped residence was so beautifully decorated, with bouquets and simple floral designs.  Entrance to the Trayee Brindavan itself (Mandir where Swami resides) was excellently decorated.

This is the first time that I have been into the lawns of Trayee Brindavan and fortunately, I got a decent seating from where the entrance to Trayee Brindavan as well as the balcony was very nicely visible.

Festoons and banners at the gates to Trayee Brindavan, announced the celebration of Easwarama's day on 6 May 2004.

The weather was cloudy and perfect with weather Gods as commanded by our Supreme and Beloved Lord, in favour of the devotees and visitors. The students sat closest to the Trayee residence entrance, as also Bal Vikas children from various Samitis around Bangalore, then the VIPs and staff and then the General Public on the lawns of Trayee Brindavan, and on the side lawns too.

After a lot of waiting it was nearly 9 AM, when the balcony door opened and Swami was found to be in a wheel chair being brought to the edge of Balcony. Most of the hearts must have stopped as mine did. Because Swami had some sort of discomfort and his right arm was in some discomfort. Swami generally used His left hand only.  Anyway, He looked around the devotees gathered in front of Him and after about 5 minutes or so, went back into the room and the balcony doors were closed, and many thought that was the end.

But Sairam does not leave His devotees unhappy.  After another 5 minutes the main door on the ground floor opened and there was our beloved Swami coming outside though in a wheel chair.  After a little while, he gestured for College boys to come to Him, and then He was physically assisted to get up and brought down where He sat closest to Students and Bal vikas children and then signaled.

The Bal Vikas children began bhajans and after three or four bhajans, other Bal Vikas children recited Vedic chats of Ganesha.

Then Swami signaled to two boys, whom later it was clear to the audience that they had completed MBA and are with Swami still out of love for Him and the desire to serve Him.  Swami asked them to talk.

The first boy a Sikh, narrated about his fortune, in getting this opportunity to be blessed by Bhagavan to speak on the most auspicious day of Easwaramma.  He said that Swami had many times taught the students about the importance of serving the mother and making her happy, as the foremost duty of a son, and also about how Swami himself has such soft corner for mothers.

Speaking further the speaker narrated, how few years ago, an old woman devotee was desperately seeking Swami's grace with regard to four of her daughter-in-laws, who have not been able to beget children.

Finally one day Swami walked up to her, and asked her, about her problem and the woman who was hailing from Punjab (Northern India), asked Swami to bless her daughters-in-law with children, to which Swami had told her that it was not in their destiny.  However the woman did not stop at that. She reminded Swami that He has the power to rewrite the destiny of the Universe and the beings thereof, and pleaded that He does so.

The butter like heart of Swami melted at the request of the woman and He himself being the mother, wanted to satisfy the woman and He blessed the daughters-in-law and the woman.

Lo and behold, the next year the same woman turned up for darshan with her 4 daughters-in-law and now 4 little ones accompanied them for the darshan. The speaker concluded that Swami in His roopam as the mother, was here to grant boons to all the seekers.

The second speaker also glorified the role of mother and told the audience that they were indeed fortunate to find a Divine mother, in their life, who cared for them every moment of their life. He also said that Swami not only cares for humans beings only, but also animals. In this regard he narrated, how once while walking back to Trayee Brindavan at Bangalore after Darshan, Swami suddenly stopped short catching everyone by surprise. Then Swami pointed out a long line of ants moving across His path.  Swami with pure love, waited for the complete line to cross before taking the next step.  He also waved His hand, created  a sweet and then crushed it and threw it to the ants, telling the onlookers that it was their lunch time. Such is the Compassion of Mother Sai, he said.

Thereafter it was wonderful to see the arrangements were being made for the discourse by Swami, and in spite of His physical problems, Swami did not mind it one bit and proceeded to give His discourse. I have given below gist of points as I remembered them from Swami's discourse.

* When we take birth, it is not the garland of diamonds and emeralds that would matter but we come with a garland made by Brahma, which has good and Bad of what we have done in the past.


* There are 4 teachers for each man and these are "Matru Deva, Pitru Deva, Acharya Deva and Atiti Deva"

* The first teacher is always the mother

* There are lot of inner significance to any statement made by a mother. Though the words may appear insignificant, in effect they would have far reaching effects.

* True son is one who obeys mother's wish or command.

* If only each son tries hard, and look inward, then they would find a true teacher in a mother.

Thereafter Swami went on to tell about His mother, who one day went to Chitravati river to bring water and there she observed an old woman trying to carry a pot of water with great difficulty. Moved by compassion, she went and enquired as to why the old woman should carry the water, to which the old woman replied that she has to depend on herself as has no one.

Thereafter Swami stated that Easwarama, had another incident in which she saw school boy carrying a very heavy load of books to school, and on enquiring from the student, the boy stated that he had to carry all books because it would be required by various teachers.

Yet another incident happened in Easwarama's life wherein one day, she observed a younger woman who was very weak herself, carrying a baby to the town, which was far away. On enquiry Easwarama found that there were no doctors who could treat the child and hence the woman has to walk long distance.

The above 3 incidents in Easwaramma's life touched her heart so deeply,  that they left a permanent mark in her life.

Now Swami went on  to explain about a boy from Calcutta, who was born in a very poor family and without a father to support, as the father had died early. This boy grew up studying under street lamps.

The boy was known as "Easwar Chand Vidyasagar"

By his hard effort, this boy went to achieve good education, and got a very good job with a good salary. He wanted to buy good sari for his mother but the mother said, that she did not want a sari but her son should
"Help poor people"

Eashwar Chand Vidyasagar, satisfied many of his mother's wishes and thus it is the responsibility of a son to fulfill his mother's wish, Swami urged.

Eashwar Chand Vidyasagar built school, hospital etc., as per his mother's wish and so too this "Satyasai" the Swami declared. And as everyone knows now, Swami's projects which were the wishes of His mother, turned out to be historic achievements. Swami referred to the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning University, the water project and the Super Speciality Hospital projects, which emerged from simple statements of his mother. He said that "little sentences" uttered by mothers, could turn out to be "great mansions of joy".

Posted on 04.05.2004


Most Memorable Buddha Poornima Day Celebrated

Jai Sairam,

Swami continued to play His "Love my uncertainty" drama. He arrived very early at 7.10 AM catching everyone by surprise. He walked along the Ladies side, direct through the student wing to the center stage and took His seat.

Much to the delight of all, there was sanction from the Lord for conduct of bhajans by students. On this most auspicious day of Buddha Poornima,  the Boys of the college, poured their heart out to the Lord, through their devotional Bhajans singing. It was fantastic and lasted for almost one full hour.

At the end of Bhajans, Prasadam in the form of a Laddu was distributed to all, and Bhagavan personally supervised the same before leaving the Hall via the back stage.

Thus the morning session ended as early as 8.15 AM.

The afternoon session was equally thrilling. Swami again took everyone by surprise by arriving at 3.15 PM, the first of its kind in the last one month that He is here. As soon as He took His seat on the center stage, Bhajans which started a little earlier, continued and until for another 2 or 3 Bhajans. Then it was observed that a microphone and podium was set up and we were all excited thinking that there is going to be a discourse from Swami today. But I saw from far, Swami signaling to someone, and later I came to know that it was a teacher from the College whom Swami had called on to the stage to speak. And what this lecturer told the august assembly was fantastic.

Thanking the Lord for His compassion to select him to talk to the audience, the Lecturer commenced the talk by stating that Lord's compassion needs to be experienced by Sadhana. He stated that the Lord has come amongst us to give, give and give only, and it is for us to grab, by going closer to the Lord. The teacher spoke about the significance of Buddha Poornima, the full moon day. He said that during this auspicious day, one can find peace and plenty by contemplating on the Lord. He recounted how the Lord had created a Buddha statue from thin air, last year at Kodaikanal, on this very day, stating that the statue was made from a particular clay called "Lambini clay" and is best suited for meditation.

Thereafter, the teacher also stated that the Lord is the Lord of the Universe and is none other than Krishna Himself. He then recounted how the Lord during the sixties had materialised a ring for John Hislop, and how John Hislop was once wearing the ring around his neck tied to a thread, and Swami questioned him as to why He is wearing it there, to which John Hislop stated that the ring had chipped. Swami I believe took it from him and blew on it and lo and behold, the ring was remade with Shirdi Baba's icon. The Lord thereafter asked John Hislop whether he would now like the ring with Shirdi Baba (whom the Lord referred to as the old man) or he wanted a younger person. When John Hislop kept quiet, Swami again took the ring and blew on it right in front of everyone, and lo and behold, now the ring had the icon of a new face, whom Swami told John Hislop was the face of "Prema Sai" - an avatar still to be born in the future.

Next speaker to day afternoon was the principal of the college (that is what I was told), who narrated some of his experiences with Bhagavan. He brought out the significance of Buddha Poornima and then went on to explain the meaning of Buddam Charanam Gacchami, Dharmama Charanam Gacchami and Sangam Charanam Gacchami.

He stated that "Buddam Charanam Gacchami" meant surrendering to the Buddam which is referred to "Buddhi (intellect)" - Buddhi is closest to the Lord
and gets His vision on it all the time and so surrendering oneself to the Buddhi on the Intellect would help progress on the spiritual path through discrimination.

Next is "Dharmam Charanam Gacchami" meant that "carrying out righteous action" as dictated by the discriminated aspect of Buddhi because this will help  you to stick on to the right path always.

Next was "Sangam Charanam Gacchami" which meant that one should get into the habit of taking the Lord's name to the community by speaking about the Lord to as many homes of the society as possible.

The Principal also narrated that right now few Buddhists have come to have the Darshan of our beloved Lord, and how one of them had a vision of Lord Sai in the form of Lord Vishnu. He also went on to state that Buddha had forecasted about the arrival of Lord Sai in Buddha's days. Swami Himself had told these interesting aspects of Buddha to these fortunate teachers and faculty.

Thereafter Swami took Aarti and left via the back stage.

Thus ended a most fantastic day celebrating "Buddha Poornima"

Jai sairam


Posted on 30.04.2004


Sai Lord is improving at a very fast rate

Jai sairam.

Dear brothers and sisters,

My ISP was out for 2 days and so I could not file any report whatsoever. My ISP is shortly to be taken over by VSNL and so I am helpless.

The first happy news is that nowadays Swami is beginning to walk without support. Though He limps, He tries to walk as much as He can without holding on to anyone. This is fantastic.

Secondly He walks nowadays faster.

Thirdly in the last one week, He made full round of Ramesh Hall 3 times, walking by Himself and taking the additional strain. This is excellent news, because it is almost 9 months, since Swami walked the Ramesh Hall in full circle.

Darshans are going on as usual, both in the mornings and as well as evenings. The extended Ramesh Hall has now made it possible for Swami to keep others guessing, as to which way He would turn when He walks amongst the Devotees.

He is making devotees happy even those who are sitting in the extended areas, because they have been benefited without a token system, much to their surprise. Many of them have been able to give their letters to Swami, because Swami went to them. This has not happened in years. Now it does not matter, whether you came through token or not. If Lord's grace is with you, well He will be there - next to you, in Darshan.

Bhajans as usual are being sung in the afternoon, and as I said earlier, the quality of Bhajans is excellent. This time what I notice is the distinct manner in which the devotees take part in bhajans whole heartedly.

There is sweetness flowing all over in the Bhajans, this season.

Now Vedas tutor is available at the book shop. I saw the new CD on sale. It is available along with Veda Pushpanjali Book. With this CD you can practice Vedic chants. The price is negligible ! Just Rs.49. International devotees may wish to place their order for this CD in bulk through their respective centers so that they can save on shipping costs.

Also a new audio CD titled "SAIBABA" was noticed in the store. This CD which is in two volumes (CD 1 and CD 2) has all the poems composed and sung by Swami in His yester years with music set by an international devotee. It is very nice. I purchased this and the music is excellent. Price just Rs.100.

Latest DVD on Mahashivarathi - 2004 is now on Sale at the stores. It costs Rs.200. Many people think it is VCD, but it is not VCD. It is a DVD.

I now have a resolve. To gift "My Love - My Message" CD-ROM to one of my family members. Each time, I need to gift something, I will hereafter think of gifting "My Life - My Message" CD-ROM. That way, I feel that I will spread Swami's message. Anyone approves this ? If everyone of us who are Swami's devotees, were to do this, we will really do wonderful service of spreading Swami's message of Service to Humanity. I am sure most of us can afford Rs.500 ( $12), once in a year at least, because that is the cost of the CD-ROM.

Similarly I plan to gift out "Chinna Katha - Vol I and II" to children on their birthdays. Once again, I feel that we will spread the message of value based education in younger minds.

I hope all of you received "" from the Sri Sathyasai Books center. This zip file consists of details about the Multimedia CD-ROMs brought out by the Books Center. Incase you have not received the same, please send an enquiry to asking for the same.

Well that is all in this update.

Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu.

Jai sairam


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