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Posted on 15-05-2004


A loving SaiRam to all of you. Went to Brindavan today by the grace of  Bhagawan after nearly two weeks. I had not seen Bhagawan after HIS shoulder sustained an injury. My thoughts were very much with Bhagawan all the time. I can imagine the pain that it must be causing, though it is hard for me to understand how HE behaves as if nothing has happened! This is one more  instance of the Lord being in human casing rising above humanness.

Reached Brindavan by 7:15AM and took position in the Annexe of SR Hall. By the  time our line was to go in, the Hall was full and we sat in the Annexe itself in the front few lines. Sitting here, you could see when Swamy is leaving Trayee. A vantage point, indeed. I sat eyes closed and started to chant  Vishnu Sahasram. I was half way through, when by 7:40AM, the  music announced that the Lord is coming. Attention all! Our eyes were fixed at the Trayee outer gate. Within a few moments, Bhagwan was coming. There were a few people around HIM. HE passed by the Trayee gate and now reached the back of the  stage. HE made appearance on the stage within no time as music gave way to Omkar and then Bhajan. Bhagawan was seated in a nice sofa which was fitted with wheels, so that it can be moved about easily. Swamy had a shawl around HIM. From the distance, I couldn't see much except the orange robe and the  halo of hair. Swamy sitting and keeping time with the Bhajans, HIS right hand is sort of stiff. With HIS left hand, HE picks up the kerchief and wipes. Continues to listen and keep time.... There was full house for darshan even  though Swamy was not coming for rounds. There were no reserved blocks. After the students block, all were general devotees.

After sitting for about 8/10 bhajans, Swamy signalled and immediately HE went back through the back door. The boy who was singing 'Jagadeeshwari dayakaro maa', just stopped for a second and picked up immediately again. Bhajans continued after Swamy left by 8:10AM. They went on till 8:50AM. After Swamy left, HIS red throne replaced HIS place on the stage in front of the Krishna  idol, signaling, Swamy is never away! At 8:50AM, word came from inside and Aarati was given.

Even though we had no close darshan of Swamy, there was no difference in the  love and energy that surrounded and engulfed us. HE is teaching us that, HE is with us always. There is more to our beloved Bhagawan than just a beautiful form that will fill us with bliss. It is a wonderful feeling to be  here in Brindavan basking in the Love of Swamy.

Jai Sai Ram

Ramesh Sistla

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

SaiRam to you all. It was a week day today. But never looked like one at Brindavan. Perhaps today was a holiday for some people. I reached Brindavan
by 6:30AM and found a place in the 'fortune tokens' line.

There were 20 odd lines formed and would go in to the SR Hall, depending on the token number they would pick. I had an option to take a place in any of these. I made a mistake here. Instead of leaving it to Swamy, I took up a place in the line that would pick the token first. The flawed thinking was that, this line has the maximum chance of picking a good number! I conveniently ignored it for the moment that even the chance of picking a huge number were equally bright! As it turned out, our man picked a 20+ number and we watched line after line entering the SR Hall!

Lesson: In matters pertaining to spirituality, use the heart, not the head!

Swamy was kind enough to put me in the SR Hall. I took up a place closer to the right aisle by 7AM and the waiting began. But not for very long. At 7:10AM, the music started. 'Tu pyaar ka sagar hai' instrumental welcomed the
Ocean of Love.

Bhagawan was here, much earlier than usual! In fact, the seating arrangement was not complete by then and everybody scurried for a vantage point as soon as the music announced the Lord's arrival. As usual, Swamy got down at the Ladies' side and started walking. HE stopped a few times, spoke to devotees, received letters, made Vibhuti and made everybody happy. Now HE reached the  boys and the birthday boys had blessings. Having done that, Bhagawan turned right and walked on the central aisle. As HE made Vibhuti for someone, immediately the kerchief was passed on and HE wiped HIS hand and moved on. Sitting at a distance of about 10 feet or so, I could read Swamy's lips as HE asked some people ' Where from' and 'How many' and if the answer is too feeble to be heard, HE would just lean a bit forward and give HIS ear! Oh, how beautiful this sight is!!

Toyota Prius is catching up by now! Now it came near Swamy and the door opened. At the end of the hall, Swamy boarded the car and it went past Saraswathy and took a right to go to Trayee through the hostel avenue.  Darshan over by 7:30AM!

If this is not 'Love MY uncertainty', what is? Wiser devotees generally looked at me with pity and amusingly when I used to ask, what time Swamy comes for Darshan! Today explained why they wonder thus! If somebody arrived at 7:45, expecting Swamy to come at 8AM, he/she would be in for a shock!

Today's darshan was short and sweet. To catch a glimpse of that Divine Form from whatever distance is indeed a mark of HIS grace and nothing else. As Swamy declared once, the gist of which is, 'A day will come when people will just see ME as a flash of orange light from a very great distance and feel themselves blessed to have had a glimpse of ME'. I must say, I had a very good darshan by these standards.

Jai Sai Ram.
Ever At HIS Lotus Feet

Ramesh Sistla


Posted on 02-05-2004


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We reached Brindavan by 6:45AM today. I was late for the lines going in. So I  found a seat in the third row of the extension behind the Saraswathy idol. From here, I could see the Trayee gate as well as entire central aisle. Having reached late, I couldn't ask for more.

By 7:40AM, the music started, followed by Omkara and Bhajans. Soon Swamy emerged and got down at the ladies' entrance. HE received letters from the lady devotees, blessed them as HE walked to the central aisle. Now, HE turned right and walked on the central aisle. Today the ladies had a great day as Swamy made Vibhuti for someone and in general took many letters from them. Now and then, HE cast a look at us all and with an upward raising hand, HE lifted us all. Now, HE has reached the end of the Ramesh hall. I really had a good view sitting straight, seeing Swamy in full all the time. Having reached the end of the hall, HE now turned to HIS left, about to go to the right  aisle. By now, the car caught up and the door was opened for Swamy. HE got into the car. The car was about to go straight and onto the right aisle.

But Swamy said, HE wanted to go the extension. We were excited! The car slowly  drove circumambulating the Saraswathy idol and we in the extension had a real close darshan of our Lord. I felt deeply grateful to all those who worked to raise this low ground to the level where it is now. Now, sitting here, we could see Swamy through out. This was not possible last year. We were simply  thrilled to have had the closest darshan of this summer so far. Thank you Bhagawan. You prove time and again that Your grace is unlimited. Only our mind is limited.

Having gone round the Saraswathy idol, the car now was on the right aisle and  reached the stage in a couple of minutes. Swamy came out and the small elevator took HIM on to the stage. HE assumed HIS throne. Bhajans were going on and Swamy sat for about eight to ten bhajans, often signaling HIS right hand upwardly, lifting us all. It looked like a symbolic execution of what HE said once, 'MY descent is for your ascent'.

After sitting for about half an hour now, Bhagawan went back to Trayee through the door on the stage. Another holy day has passed but not after making us feel better, holier and most importantly, happier.

Jai Sai Ram.

At HIS Lotus Feet, always
Ramesh Sistla

Posted on 01-05-2004


News from Brindavan, 01.05.04.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There was more crowd than usual today for Darshan. We reached by 7:30AM. Got a place in the extension. Sat waiting for Swamy.

At 7:40AM, music started. We all were in attention by now. Everybody looking at Trayee. Swamy emerged at 7:45AM from Trayee. As usual, HE got down near the ladies' entrance and started walking, stopping in a place to bless a lady. Soon HE came to the boys and there were lot of birthday boys today and  HE blessed them all touching the tray they held. HE spent some time there and  started walking in the central aisle. HE reached the end of the hall and spoke to a group of people there. As Swamy started walking to HIS left now, to enter the right aisle, emotion overflowed in one brother whose letter Swamy didn't take and HE cried out 'Baba' and broke down. A Sevadal lovingly  escorted him to a back row as Swamy stood just for a while and looked at him. I am sure HE must have answered the prayers by just a look.

By now, the car was following Swamy at some distance but Swamy was not looking for it. HE continued walking on the right aisle and reached the end, again reaching the boys. Now, a chair was brought and Swamy sat down to please them  all. HE sat for just a couple of minutes and soon the students surrounded HIM. As HE got up, HE spoke to the Principal of the College here and then got into the car.

Swamy said once that all the merits of previous births will just secure a first darshan for you. There after every darshan is a bonus that Swamy is giving us. Aren't we really fortunate to witness the Avatar of our age!?


At HIS Lotus Feet
Ramesh Sistla

Posted on 26-04-2004


News from Brindavan, 25.04.04!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

These days there is no better place to visit in Bangalore on Sundays. People think as much and you have another packed SR hall on Sunday. I reached by 6AM and wondered where I will be 'placed' today. I was in good time to join the lines that picked 'fortune tokens' to get in. Our man picked 14! Phew!! But
never mind. Last summer's rich experience came to my rescue which taught me that you should never pray for a good token number. You can and in fact should only pray for good darshan. So I was in the fourth row from the far aisle and the waiting started. I came today after a long break of about ten days. By about 7:30AM or so, the entire hall and the extension was full. At 7:50AM, the music rent the air followed by three Omkars and bhajans.

Swamy came in HIS car, got down at the ladies side of the entrance where a mango leaves thoranam was tied. HE walked towards the boys after talking to one or two people. Noe HE reached boys, talking to a few and continuing the straight path, having crossed the central aisle. Will HE come this way? I asked myself, are you prepared for it, should HE come this way? I was excited  because, thanks to some changes, I leapt into the second row from the aisle by now! But Swamy had other plans!! HE took a left, having reached the right aisle. Talked to some former students and now seemed headed for the stage. Oh, indeed! Soon, HE was on the stage.

HE assumed HIS throne and the bhajans continued. Swamy must have listened to three or four bhajans when HE got up; is HE leaving? No, HE walks towards the ladies' side of the stage. The car zooms into SR Hall. But Swamy sends it back. HE gets down from the stage and walks towards the Kalyan Mandap. HE walked all the way to Kalyan Mandap. The ladies side and devotees on that side are on their heels, literally and are ecstatic. We are cut off from what is going on and I sat my eyes closed contemplating on the beautiful form that just presented Itself to us! After a while I could see Swamy in the car going into Trayee. Lot of people got up thinking Swamy has gone back, but I continue contemplation.

Suddenly I here some excitement and open my eyes. Lo! Bhagawan is back on the stage having entered it from behind. I see gaps in my front that have been created by other devotees who got up thinking Swamy has gone back. I lost no time in leaping ahead and took a real vantage point from where I could see Swamy following the bhajan and rhythmically tapping HIS hand. It was a very beautiful sight. I thought, what else could the singers ask for! The very goal of all singing is there in front of them!!

Bhajan picks up momentum. Swamy adds to the fun. HE points to the singer and indicates, 'Didn't you have food, I can't hear anything!'. Or at least that is what I understood. We sing loudly and are lost in this beautiful sight. I think to myself, perhaps the Formless Godhead won't be so much joy! Of course that is a path yet to be trodden. But while we are here in front of our beloved Lord happily listening to the bhajans, we did wish the moment to be frozen and be there forever like that.

HE sat for 3/4 songs. Then HE spoke to some boys down the stage. There were two boys who were fortunate to offer aarati and rose today. They folded
hands. Swamy consented and asked for aarati and also said you could continue singing after aarati. This was a departure from usual Sunday practice when there is no aarati in the morning. But Swamy just wanted to make the boys happy. Didn't we hear, HIS love knows no bounds and HE makes people happy! That is precisely what HE did. As we sang 'Om jai Jagadeesh hare....', Swamy exited through the back door.

Later we came to know, there was Narayan Seva today and Swamy must have gone near the Kalyan Mandap to bless the food.

Tomorrow (Monday) is Trayee day. Swamy is reportedly hosting a lunch for all the boys. How fortunate are these lot.

Bhajans continued after the aarati.

Jai Sai Ram.
with love
Ramesh Sistla

Posted on 14-04-2004

SaiRam Brothers and Sisters!

Wish you all a very holy and happy Vishu. The scrolling display at Brindavan also said the same. There were beautiful flags, and hangings that preached our beloved Lord's teachings. There were banners and more banners. There was a beautiful arch on which, I presume it was written Vishu wishes in Malayalam. I could decipher Vishu and no further! One banner proclaimed 'WE LOVE YOU SWAMY'. Another one talked about Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows'. And yet another said 'Love asks for no reward, Love is its own reward'.

As usual, the SR Hall was fully booked and we general people had no place in it. SAI Youth were all over the place. I anyway, didn't have a place in the exension either! That is because, I reached Brindavan exactly at the stroke of 8AM when Swamy's car was also rolling out of Trayee! The car came to the ladies' side entrance and stopped. Swamy alighted and walked. I see the stage, there are no microphones there. Perhaps there will not be any discourse. I enquired if there was a discourse yesterday and learnt there was none.

Swamy walked almost in a hurry to the boys. A groups of boys came and kneeled in front of the Master. HE talked to them for a considerable time. I was at the farthest possible distance and has no way of knowing what was going on. But as I have said before, suffice it to say, 'An exchange of love' was going on. Swamy didn't turn to the central aisle right now. In fact, HE kept walking straight, talking to the boys and staff. HE reached the far aisle now. HE made vibhuti and put it in the hands of a few people. Immediately a handkerchief was passed on, Swamy wiped HIS hand and continued. HE turned right now. Talking to more boys! And also to a few people on the other side of the right aisle.

Now, HE moved to HIS left, moving towards the central aisle. The car has come to proximity now. But Swamy is not looking at it. HE is having a very busy day with devotees. Bhaktha vatsala that HE is, HE is totally oblivious of HIS physical discomfort. I wondered, how the car can take a 90 degree turn in that small place. But it did and faithfully followed Swamy. HE now reached the central aisle. The Youth from Kerala got their chance and Swamy spent a considerable time with them alternating between the ladies' and gents side. I thought what a way to recharge themselves. I am sure they will go back richer in experience and ripened in love so that they can resume their service activities with a fresh zeal. I remember Swamy assuring people who do sincere Seva that HE will provide all that they will need. And here HE starts with providing motivation and love.

It is more than half an hour now since Swamy arrived. HE is still walking, now reached the edge of SR hall. Still busy with the devotees. Now the car came near Swamy and the front door opened. HE got in. But the car moved really slowly. Everyone in the extension was excited and stood up. I couldn't see Swamy for a while. The car took the slope near the hostel and went off. We thought Swamy had gone back. But just as HE did yesterday (I read it from brother Raja's account), HE appeared on the stage. All this while Bhajans were going on. I thought there was more emphasis on Krishna today. Even as Bhagawan reached the stage and assumed HIS throne, bhajans continued enthusiastically. Swamy sat intently listening to the bhajans. I didn't even see HIM putting 'taala' as HE usually does. HE must have sat for about half an hour or so. At around 9AM, HE got up and Aarati was given. Swamy lovingly standing there, holding the railing as Prasadam is passed on to each and every soul there. But the soul already had the prasadam of Darsanam and is possibly a little more elevated now.

Swamy supervised for sometime and then went back through the door on the stage.

When I was on my way to Brindavan, I could see countless traffic police and other khaki clad police on my way. Prime minister was here yesterday for a political meeting. This policemen were all over the place. Near Brindavan I enquired and learnt that he will be visiting Swamy later in the day. Even inside the Ashram there is lot of security. It is a very good sign indeed that the PM is coming to Swamy often and seeking HIS blessings.

It was blissful to sit, albeit at a great distance and watch Swamy while the bhajans were on. Got this chance for more than half an hour today. Wonderful Vishu!! I am sure Vishu became a really HOLY one for our Malayalam brothers and sisters. I am so happy for them.

ramesh sistla

Posted on 11-04-2004


SaiRam Brothers and Sisters!

It was a holy, festive and colourful day at Brindavan this morning. Aware that it was a Sunday and having read that SAI Youth from Kerala will be coming, I decided to go early in the morning so that I can get a chance to be in the SR hall. I reached the railway crossing by 5AM. The gates were down. A locomotive carrying goods was slowly passing and took ten frustrating minutes to cross us. Even as I reached there, I could see bus loads of youth clad in white and sporting a scarf that read SAI Youth, Kerala! I parked my bike and immediately got into the line which was still waiting to enter into the Ashram campus. The SAI youth were first let in and their numbers looked endless. I don't remember seeing so many of them last time around. So, now that these youth are here, they will occupy the place near central aisle. No way we can get there. We were in the general queue. As we stood there, Suprabhtam chants could be heard from inside.

5:15AM: Nagar Sankirtan emerged from inside the Ashram. It was feeling really  good to catch up with some melodious bhajans even before the dawn broke.

5:30AM: Queue started entering the Ashram. It was growing by the minute. Once inside, I realized, there were no token pickings today as we can't make into the hall at all! The hall was full with students/staff, SAI youth from Kerala and Sevadal from Andhra Pradesh occupying the far side after the right aisle. I ran and found a place nearer to Saraswathy from wher I can see Bhagawan emerging from Trayee. The extension is marked will yellow lines that serve as borders. They have clearly delineated the area where car will be travelling if Bhagawan intends to come that way. Very good and well done job! Now that I found a place, the waiting began.

5:45AM: Nagar Sankirtan returned to the Ashram. Women in front of Saraswathy and men behind it ended the Sankirtan with Aarati.

The whole place was painted white with saffron patches on it. Or so it looked,
if you saw the vast gathering of youth from Kerala who were sporting saffron colour scarfs. There were men and women and thousands of them. The Ashram was also decorated with the 'Toranams'. I looked around, sensing the festive atmosphere. Soon, the stage attracted my attention. I could understand that  there was going to be a discourse by Bhagawan or there will be speeches by others. The stage was tastefully decorated with floers of different colours. Either side of the stage, stood colourful umbrellas. Minutes ticked by with the Sevadal trying to accommodate as many people as possible in the hall. Even without the SAI youth, Sundays are very crowded days at Brindavan. Today they were also there and so everyone sat compactly and as much space as possible was squeezed out. As time progressed, I could see that gents were sitting even near the road between the hostel and the extension of SR hall. That was an indication of how packed it was today. We all were desperately waiting for the music that would announce the arrival of the Lord.

At 7:55AM, the music began, only briefly, and led to Omkar and a brief veda chanting. By now the car is seen. Swamy is coming! Will HE come this side? I had my own doubts because there seemed to be more in the agenda than just darshan. Car stopped at the usual place and Swamy got down. He walked
staright to the stage and got on. Even as HE was doing this, a superb song was rendered. It was in Malayalam. I could only understand the sanskrit words that came in it. It was a song to welcome the Lord. And the song was a little long. It also hailed HIM as Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram; told us to love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never; and also daiva preeti, papa bheeti and sangha neeti. The song was really touching and it told why Swamy says 'There is only one language, the language of heart'. We couldn't understand the whole song but derived bliss from it.

Then one of Kerala Sai organization officials (Mukundan?) rose to speak. He mentioned that 3000 youth have come from Kerala to this years Sadhana camp. I  think this is much larger than the number that came last year. He placed on record his gratitude to Swamy for permitting them to come. He said that the youth had come to experience the love that Swamy is. Then he announced that Swamy has permitted an MBA boy (Sanjay) to speak. Thus the Sadhana camp started with a 15 minute introductory address by him. Sanjay followed for another 15 minutes. Of noteworthy mention is he quoted the new testament where the Lord said, 'Ask and ye shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you'. He illustrated how Bhagawan also  operates on the same principle by quoting from his personal experience. But what touched me more is the following story which is for us all.

A fisherman used to go to a river that had lots of fish. He used to cast his net far and wide and collect plenty of fishes. All of them would sadly end up in the frying pan. But it was seen that two fish would escape everyday. Other fish wanted to know the secret behind their luck. They asked the duo how they survived everyday when most of the rest succumbed. They said, when the fisherman casts his net far and wide, only safe place are his feet. We go near his feet and thus escape the net. Similarly when the 'Natanasutradhari' himself has come to world and casts his net of 'maya' far and wide, the only safe place are HIS feet and we should cling to That. Message went into the heart like an arrow.

After this Bhagawan rose to speak at 8:35AM and spoke for about 55 min. I will write the highlights of the divine discourse in another mail. It was translated by the Warden of Boys hostel, Brindavan. Swamy ended the discourse at 9:30AM and aarti was performed.

It was announced that Swamy had kindly permitted them to carry on the Sadhana camp at the Kalyana mandap and it would start at 10AM. There was also a drama to be staged at 5:30PM.

We didn't see Swamy from close but enjoyed HIS discourse for nearly an hour.
Thanks to raised extension, we could see Swamy easily. Swamy exited through the back door. HE blessed all with upraised hands and sipped some water after the discourse. Easily today was more crowded than other Sundays. An ocean of humanity came. Perhaps this sort of pining for a glimpse of the Lord, albeit from a great distance is not seen anywhere else. I couldn't help thinking that the greatest gift that SAI gives us is contentment.  A thrilling Sunday had just started in Brindavan!

Jai Sai Ram
Ramesh Sistla

Posted on 11-04-2004


Divine discourse 11.04.04, some points.

SaiRam to all. I am reading from my memory as I sit to write some of the points that Swamy mentioned in course of HIS discourse. Only my forgetfulness is responsible for any omissions.

- "The Lord dwells in and pervades the entire universe. HE shines forth in every atom, every cell. Such a Lord is the the Lord of Parthy. Will HE not respond to your prayers"? This was the gist of the starting poem.

Swamy spoke about the microcosm being in the macrocosm and the macrocosm being present in the microcosm. HE spoke at length about the universe and how God pervades everywhere. HE also mentioned how life on earth is sustained by the rotation and revolution of the earth.

- "Once upon a time, Arjuna asked Sri Krishna as to why HE needed to perform actions. HE replied, Arjuna, I have no need to do any action, I have nothing to achieve, yet I do action. It is because, whatever I do, people follow me. If I sit idle without doing action, people will also follow the same". Swamy also said that every action that HE does has a meaning. Every step that HE takes, HE follows a particular dharma, about which we are not aware.

Bhagawan stressed in the latter part of HIS discourse on Truth and Love. HE said that Truth is the real name of God and every other name is 'duplicate'. It is enough if you pray to HIM as 'Sathya Swaroopaya Namaha'. HE time and again exhorted us to speak truth, speak pleasingly.

Swamy completed the discourse with a lovely four liner verse on Maya which I
could not grasp immediately. I am waiting for the text of the discourse to read about that. I have missed most points. But hope whatever I could recollect is worthwhile.

Swamy sat down after the discourse and while sitting HE led us to sing 'Hare Rama, hare Rama, Rama Rama hare hare'. After that he sipped some water and blessed us all with upraised hands. We were delighted! Aarti was performed and HE left through the back door on the stage.

Please pardon me for the extremely short note on HIS discourse. I could recollect only as much right now since I didn't carry a pen or paper. But those words will keep coming back and I hope we get to read the complete text soon.

At HIS lotus Feet.
Jai Sai Ram.

Ramesh Sistla

Posted on 06-04-2004

Dear Brother!

SaiRam and love.

It feels so good at Brindavan! I feel quite homely in Brindavan even when Swamy is at Parthy. But when our Lord is here, it is so much sweeter!! The blissful Lord gives bountiful of joy to us all. This was the first darshan of this summer for me after welcoming Swamy prayerfully on 31st March.

It has been raining everyday since Swamy came here. It started rainign last night and the drizzle continued till morning. I reached Brindavan at 6:45AM. Last year Swamy used to come by 7AM or so. But HE comes at around 8AM now. At least till now, that is. Today being a working day, crowds were less and I could find a place in the SR Hall. I sat near the right aisle. There was about an hour. So I sat and started chanting everything that I knew by heart. I continued and don't quite know when I slipped into a doze! I woke upto melodious instrumental music and the time was 7:55AM. Craned necks, eager eyes, everybody watching the direction from where our Lord would emerge. I could see the two policemen doing duty near Trayee gate. They folded their hands in reverence. Swamy arriving, I told myself. Soon the ash coloured carappeared and now I could see the lovely halo of hair that is so familiar to us. The car stopped near the ladies' entrance. Swamy got down, immediately a lady went and HE spoke to her. I am told HE made vibhuti for her. Blessed soul! Bhagawan walked through the ladies side, slowly, lovingly taking letters and talking to some. There were only two people behind Swamy. Jain sir would hold Swamy's hand. But Swamy held his hand as if to satisfy them. HE seemed to be walking comfortably. HE received letters, plenty of them. HE would hold letters with HIS left hand and bless with the right. When the bunch of letters was sizeable, HE passed them on in to the carry bag. HE reached the students now, all the while walking slowly.

There were blessings galore there. I was seated too far to actually know what was going on. But I can safely say that it was exchange of love. Bhagawan spent a considerable time there talking to the faculty and students. Then Swamy continued to walk down the central aisle. I am told HE has been walking there last 3/4 days. We wondered if HE would come to the right aisle as well! HE really made everyone so happy. There was joy and joy, nothing else. I can't possibly describe that. But I feel elevated when I reminisce that. That is the kind of magnet our Lord is. HE will stir your within and transform you. HE stood at the end of the hall and looked at the people sitting in the extension. Someone came running to HIM and HE spoke to HIM. The car was following all the while at some distance. Now it came near Swamy, crossed HIM, went till Saraswathi and turned back. Swamy boarded it and went back through the central aisle and while driving HE was waving HIS hands at us and many of us waved back and folded their palms in reverence. Darshan has ended but sweet memories of it will continue. When you are down, just think of HIM and pick yourself up.

Why do I mention so many times that Swamy walked slowly. HE told sometime back that 'see, so many people are able to see ME for a greater length of time because I walk slowly. If I had just walked through you and gone back, you would say, Swamy came and went'. So showering of joy is torrential while the CLOUD that pours moves slowly so that the recepients can get more of that joy.

Oh, Brindavan with all this love and positive energy feels so good. Hope HE lets me in soon again to experience that love divine.

with love
Jai Sai Ram.
Ramesh K. Sistla

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