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Posted on 23/05/2004

SaiRam once again from Bangalore.

Reached Brindavan at 7:30AM and relieved  that Swamy hasn't arrived yet for darshan. SR Hall is full and the annexe as well. Since I started late, I couldn't go into the Hall. Just happy to be  here, as I assume a seat in one of the last few rows of the annexe, that is as far as you can sit here! I take a seat and people continue to come and we pack ourselves more and more here. A few islands are there, where there is  nobody sitting since a pillar blocks the view of the stage from here. Clock keeps ticking and we continue to wait, all the while thinking about Swamy.

"Sathyam, Shivam, Sundaram........", the old hindi number instrumental  announces the arrival of the "Truth, Goodness, Beauty" that our Swamy is. Omkar and now Ganesh vandana starts, lead by lady devotees. Today being Sunday, it is the turn of the Brindavan bhajan group and they sing through  the day. Swamy arrives by now on stage. The escorts assume their seats on the floor on either side of Swamy. They are all attention and attend to the slightest movement of Bhagawan. Guru vandana starts, also by a lady devotee. Now the turn of gents for the third bhajan. Swamy sits keeping time to the  bhajans and occassionally wiping with the left hand. Right hand rests on the thigh and the hand taps keeping time. I struggle hard to zoom in on Swamy. I try to focus. This is a good exercise. Since focussing is a difficult thing,  it doesn't allow mind to do anything else. So this helps. Occassionally Swamy  lifts HIS left hand with palm facing up, seems to lift our souls! We sing loudly and clap. Happy to be here, certainly. I think, next time I have Swamy's darshan from a distance of 10 metres or so, I will consider it to be great darshan. That is the effect which this great distance will bring. Hope Swamy's hand is alright soon and HE comes down to be amidst us soon again. Bhajans continue.... Swamy listening to each bhajan. Now they sing 'Jai Hari  bol jai Sitaram........' and Swamy signals to start back. Soon HE is on HIS way back. Bhajans continue, albeit without the microphone. We all stand up in the rear to catch a glimpse as Swamy passes by the Trayee gate. We do and sit down to recollect, meditate, contemplate and assimilate the energy that our  Lord gave us just now. Bhajans must be going on in the front. It is Swamy's grace to be here in Brindavan. HE draws us here and lets us bask in this love.

Thank you Swamy. And till HE gives me another chance,

Jai Sai Ram.

At HIS Lotus Feet
Ramesh Sistla

Posted on 22/05/2004

A loving SaiRam to all of you.

It was weekend again and time to go to Brindavan and catch a glimpse of our Lord. HE too said Yes and we reached Brindavan by about 7:30AM. SR Hall was full and we could just walk through and sit anywhere in the annexe now. Still people were coming in and even  though it is well known that Swamy doesn't come for rounds these days, we still have large number of devotees thronging to catch a glimpse of the Lord from however far. I find a place and take seat and reflect, it is of course Swamy's love that brings us here. HE has moulded our minds so that we can  focus now on the positive. Thousands sit here together and yet each one is turned inward, to whatever extent, the journey has started. We have embarked upon the quest of our life. We derive happiness simply by being there. All  this is the consequence of HIS love and HIS power. Didn't HE say, "Love is my greatest miracle".

The thought train goes on collecting compartments and the music plays. All  eyes at the Trayee gate to take a first glimpse of the Lord. It is 7:55AM. Omkar, followed by Ganesh vandana. Bhagawan comes onto the stage  accompanied by Raj Kumar Jain, Dr. Padmanabhan and Sanjay Mahalingam. A tumbler of water  is placed to the left of Bhagawan. Swamy keeps time to the songs with HIS left hand. Even HIS right hand seems a lot better now as HE moves that as well. Sitting at a very great distance, I am trying to focus on the Lotus Feet. All I can see is that there is a built-in foot rest on the mobile sofa.  And I can see HIS dhothi as well. I try hard to concentrate. I don't want to feel anything but Swamy. It is as if nothing and no one else is in between. Suddenly a pigeon flies and flies like an aircraft keeping its wings stiff  while sailing on inertia. Ah, they say pigeons reside where there is peace. That is proved here. Whole lot of devotees sing whole heartedly and loudly. Bhajans are short and sweet. Swamy must have sat for about 10 bhajans and  then signalled for aarati. Soon aarati was given and Swamy went back to Trayee through the stage. Aarati completed and we pray for world peace,  'lokah samastAh sukHino bHvantu', yet to see Swamy passing through the Trayee gate. Probably HE is talking to somebody there. Soon HE passes by. One more glance at HIM and I sit quietly reliving those sweet moments when HE is  physically with us. I pray for HIM to grant the next darshan quickly and come back home.

For the people interested in Veda chanting: You must have come across the book  Veda pushpanjali. Some parts of this book have been rendered by the students and are available as an audio cd in the stores. The rendering is soul lifting and you'll certainly benefit from it.

Till HE grants me next darshan, Jai Sai Ram.

with love
Ramesh Sistla

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