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Posted on 05.06.2004


Sunday 06/6/04 Swamy Gave Nice Darshan at Brindavan.

Swamy came to Sai Ramesh Hall around 8.00 am from behind the Dias Sitting on Wheeled Sofa.  He enjoyed nodding his head the Bhajans Till 8.35am, and then he Left the Hall.

There is an Educare Exhibition arranged in Kalyana Mantapam. They Displayed Posters. They are arranged in a beautiful sequence, and Order.

The Last Poster displayed is Swamy's Words for his Devotees. Swamy says be-prepared to bring the new Change into this world as per his Sankalpa.

I have not written it. If any one in this forum noted its contents, I am very thankful to them if they share it with me.

Yesterday the Whitefield-Shopkeepers told me that Swamy may be leaving Brindavan on 9th June.

Today I came to know through Reliable SevaDal from Brindavan that Swam left to Parthi this morning (7th June, 2004) at around 6:15 AM. But, I wish someone from Puttaparthy to confirm this news.


Prahlada Rao

Posted on 05.06.2004

Sai Ram,

"Veda Chant of the 21st century:every day is educare day" this is  what is rolling in red over the main place where Bhagavan sits its educare day today (n ofcourse every day as Swami  said). The stage was decorated with beautiful yellow, pink, green n white  flowers n leaves...beautiful Sai Ram...some times i just wonder seeing the rare flowers n their combinations...dont know where they  were grown but they finally reach the lotus feet of our beloved Sai. There are two artificial  peacocks with sparkling chips n mirrors on  either side of the stage with flowers and golden balls around and the mandap or the main area is decked beautifully with flowers. so, i even expected prasad in the morning even before darshan!!!

Swami came between 7.45 to 8 A.M..he sat for about half an hour or  so...the bhajans-like Narayana ani nama bhajore, janani  janani...sathya sai subha janani etc...were sung with utmost bhaava  n raaga...Swami listened to them with bliss. Swami lifted His hand  thrice today to wipe His face twice n once (behold, a beautiful sight) to move back the falling crowning hairs...3D scan of the lord  is over unhappily as time moved by very fast...waiting for a close next darshan again...

Guess...Swami, walked again today....i felt bad when i thought i missed seeing Him walking when i read the message that he walked, on  the other day...yearn for Lord, He is submissive...n there He is giving me the beautiful darshan ending with His walk..He got up n walked slowly...towards the curtain over the back end of the  stage....  Some times i wonder seeing the crowning glory of Swami...some times it is as if turmeric is there all over, some times if kumkum is there all over and some times grey as if vibhuthi is there  all over...what as if, i think it is there..may be the Lord accepts the so called kumkuma pooja archana from the manavaas(humans) and  gandharvas(demi Gods).sorry for using the local language, i could  not explain better, it is praying God with sindhoor/kumkum/turmeric.

The moment He came in, Swami was as white as snow...i felt that there is vibhuthi all over..with in a single minute before my eyes  itself, His face turned dark n then gradually red...hues of the various forms of God..siva, mukunda and devi...all reflected in our  Sai...manava bolo...jai seetha ram bolo jai radhae shyam....wonderful Sai Ram...praise the lord, praise the lord from the heavens, all the angels sing praise the lord... praise the lord for the heights of creation, all the angels sing praise the lord... He commanded them and the heavens were raised.. He established them and they rose to the heights... the sun n moon n the stars upabove..they keep shining through the  night..praise the lord.....i saw the educare posters displayed at kalyana mandapa..thanks to  God i could step in to the kalyana mandapam/marriage function hall...i wonder at times how fortunate we are, so as to see God n move atleast in the premises of the lord literally...when i was  going  towards the hall,   i saw the balcony of trayee....felt like  seeing our beloved God there...

Sai Ram, i heard that Swami is leaving soon for puttaparthi...again to be away from God geographically...pray for His stay for some more days at Bangalore....

Sai Ram,
Help Ever, Hurt Never n hate never....

note:these are all my personal feeings


Sai Ram

I had called up my sister to wish her a happy birthday as she had left for Whitefield, Bangalore, yesterday night to spend her day in the company of her Lord.

She narrated that Swami had come out for darshan at around 8 a.m in the morning. As soon as Swami arrived the Vedic Mantras were chanted. Swami sat for 6-7 bhajans. Thereafter he blessed the prasad to be distributed to all who had gathered there. I told her jokingly that Swami had distributed her Birthday prasad on her behalf. At around 8.30 a.m Swami retired to his abode.

She also state that Swami sat on the sofa throughout the darshan. He took only a few steps but most of the time he was seated.

Sai Ram

D. B.

On 05.06.2004 Ross further added:

....Swami gave a beautiful darshan for about 1 hour on Friday afternoon (04.06.2004), as he requested a person from Brindavan College to speak and then one of the young men who assist him spoke.  It was very beautiful and uplifting as both spoke of Swami's unconditional love. 

On Thursday (03.06.2004), Swami attended a Bal Vikas play in the Kalyam Mantap for about 40 minutes and manifested a beautiful gold chain and pendant for the person playing Krishna.  He then stood up to receive arathi and blessed devotees with both hands.  Everyone was ecstatic.

Sai Ram


Posted on 02-06-2004

Dear All

Swami's right arm and shoulder now appear to have completely healed and He seems to have full use of it.

He continues to give darshan twice a day except for the odd time.

He had not walked for almost a month at darshan because of the arm incident.

However, on Tuesday afternoon as arathi started, Swami slowly stood up from the chair and grasped the rail around the stage of the Sai Ramesh hall. He walked fom the hall with the assistance of His aid, quite slowly at first.  Everyone was very happy and started clapping and singing the arathi with great energy.  Again today He rose to His feet after both morning and afternoon darshan and walked from the hall with the aid of an aide.  Again everyone was very happy at this.

Swami's darshan still contains much energy and He is truly radiant at the moment.

The numbers of devotees continues to be much less than previous years except on Sundays when there are large numbers.

The weather is warm but the early monsoon has kept temperatures down. There is torrential rain every second day or so with some local flooding.

The college has commenced so they are quite a few students at darshan now, meaning it is even harder to get close to Swami.

Sai Ram


Posted on 01-06-2004


Today I was fortunate to witness Swami walking again. 

All of us are aware that Swami has not been walking around for sometime, due to His shoulder injury.  About 10 days ago, He started moving His right hand once again and today evening, Swami walked out of the center stage. 

As usual, Bhajans were sung during the evening session, and Swami was in a state of bliss, swaying to the music.  Then suddenly He took Aarti and when the escorts wanted to push the sofa chair in which He normally used to sit and give darshan, Swami declined, and wanted the Sofa chair to be moved closer to the Grill, and then without warning, He started getting up with the support of the grill. 

As soon as He stood up, there was a roaring clap, from the devotees who were moved by the gesture of Swami. Then slowly Swami began to walk out of the stage through the back door. 

I could not hold my tears of bliss. I am sure, every devotee who is reading this note, must be equally happy. 

God bless and sairam to all


Courtesy: Saibaba News/Saidevotees Worldnet


Posted on 24.5.2004

Lovingly shared by Sailaja K

Sai Ram to all,

Did you happen to see the Moon yesterday night between 7 P.M to 8.30 P.M?? A scene of the God's beautiful creation...crescent moon with a hanging star...It was just like the toy moon hanging up above the sky...its a strange thing which happened after 18 years it seems as i  heard, if it is correct. Radio samachar is that its venus or  probably polarix star entering Gemini zodiac sign... So...i have been wondering seeing at it n thinking it across the forehead of our Bhagavan..Chandra Sekhara Raja, Nataraja  Sundara....the Demi Gods must have been praying Swami yesterday evening when the beautiful scene of moon was seen by us. Sai Ram, how beautiful is Swami today as always...His radiance so bright,  some times i feel my vision getting blurred as i keep staring at Swami continuously, with the increasing intensity of the vibrations being felt by us. Swami came around 7.45 n was there till 8.20 A.M.  Bhajans were sung with melody n we shld not miss Swami's hair swaying with a soft breeze n He, leaning over the support of His  chair, closing His eyes n being immersed in the Bhajan totally...what a Bliss on His face Sai Ram...when will we be so much  immersed in a Bhajan?

Have you ever observed the men who mainly attends Baba to get Him  for darshan and all? Sai Ram, i think their eyes are for seeing God n their ears are for hearing God and their heart to feel  blessed are they. one of them on Swami's left, always keep looking  at Swami with lots of gap b/n His blinks (may be he thinks he would miss seeing Swami for a while, if he blinks). He observes Swami so  closely n attentively, so as to respond immediately when ever Swami  makes a move...Behold, EYES are for seeing the splendour of Divine... The other person on the right side of Swami will be so much  attentive so as to hear any word of Swami.. He immediately responds  when Swami starts saying some thing... Ears are for listening to God, n to hear about God..the third person always will be immersed in bhajan n is not bothered about surroundings and will be in a  different world...Heart should be totally immersed in feeling God...

Swami shows us the path even in these things to us... I pity the water in the glass besides Swami when He doesn't touch the tumbler...that water will be very near to Swami...but still  untouched by His lips... why not we at least is a drop of water that gets absorbed in to Swami n there by serving Him...Human form is the best form, they say...lets try more n more so as to reach the Divine....Sai Ram...these are my personal observations n hope each one of us might have felt the same more or less now n then...Lets enjoy the
Divine Bliss...

Sai Ram ...


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