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Posted on 08.07.04

Subject: Swami's Karuna (Grace)

Jai Sri Parthi Krishna

Sai Ram All,

i was in Parthi for 1 week for the the Guru Purnima Celebrations.   On 3rd July 2004 in the afternoon, the BAl Vikas students (girls) of Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh put up a dance drama entitled "Madhura  Bhakthi" in the Sai Kulwant Hall in the Divine presence of the Avatar.  It was awesome, devotion filled, inspiring and brought  tears to my eyes. 

The drama was about Lord Krishna in his older days in Dwaraka reminiscing about his childhood days with the Gopees and Yasodha in Brindavan.  Krishna was sharing his feelings with His friend,  Uddhava.  Uddhava tells Krishna that the Gopees should go beyond body attachment to Krishna as He is Nirakaar.  Krishna decides to teach Uddhava about Madhura Bhakthi and that this is the highest  form of devotion.  Krishna then tells Uddhava to proceed to  Brindavan immediately to teach the Gopees about going beyond their physical and body attachment to Lord Krishna and that He is omnipresent. However, Uddhava meets Radha and the Gopees and  realises their great love for Krishna and realises that Madura Bhakthi is the highest form of devotion to the Lord. 

The girl who played Krishna was later called by Swami to the  verandah where Swami was sitting on His sofa and He told her to take Padanamaskar.  This is a rare privilege nowadays.  Everyone in the  Sai Kulwant Hall clapped joyously.  Swami then materialised a gold chain and pendant for her and we all were thrilled to tears.   Swami's Grace is beyond words.

in Krishna always,


Lovingly consented on 09.07.04

Posted on 08.07.04

Subject: Swami is the Greatest Prasad (Sai Prasad)

Jai Sri Krishna

Sai Ram Brothers & Sisters,

When i was in Parthi last week for Guru Purnima, Swami gave out prasad (sweets) to all His students and devotees in the Sai Kulwant hall.  As usual, there was a stampede by most of the local crowds  who wanted to get their hands on the prasad first.  Sevadals had to scream and shout at all devotees to sit silently and calmly to get  their prasad.  But, no one wanted to listen.  Thus, there was hustle and bustle and screaming and shouting to receive Swami's prasad.  It
was so chaotic.  But, i realised that the devotees love Swami very  much and His prasad represents Swami's love for them.  Thus, they will do anything to have Darshan of Swami and receive His prasad.   That's their way of showing their love for Swami.

We have to realise that Swami is our greatest Prasad.  We have to savour Him, feel Him within us and always remember the sweet taste of Swami. 

A restaurant menu will not satiate our hunger.  We have to eat the meal in the restaurant to enjoy, appreciate, taste and savour the excellent meal. Similarly, we have to appreciate that Swami is the  greatest prasad and we have to taste His sweet Divine name (namasmarana) on our tongues all the time.  We have to remember what  the prasad (Swami) tastes like and thus we always have to contemplate on Swami in order to be in tune with Him. We have to chew and swallow the prasad so that our stomach is full.  Similarly, we have to see Swami within us all the time and keep Him in our Heart in order to fill our Heart with His Love.  This way our life  will be full and sweet.

in Krishna always,


Lovingly consented on 09.07.04

Posted on 06.07.04

Dear Brother

Sairam. First of all, let us collectively offer our most respectful Pranaams at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet on this most auspicious occasion of Gurupoornima.

Yesterday evening, an announcement was made that Gurupoornima celebrations will commence at 7.00 a.m. This morning, Swami came out for Darshan at exactly 6.55 a.m. The golf cart glided down into the Kulwant Hall and Swami went for a full round, both on the ladies and gents side, much to the glee and joy of all.  Panchavadyam was being played by the students. Swami completed a full circle and then went towards the Primary School children’s side too. Finally, the golf cart came alongside the interview room and took a turn into the dais where the sofa was kept. Bhagawan got down the cart and walked very briskly to the Sofa. He stood there for quite some time giving His lovely Darshan to all. The Kulwant Hall was full and devotees were standing even outside the Hall trying to catch a glimpse of the Divine Form!

As He sat down on the sofa, there was a loud applause!! Swami called the main singers who were seated in the front and enquired about the programme. As they explained, He nodded his head giving a green signal. All of us sang a number of stotrams and songs. Songs were more compared to the stotrams. Every song was preceded by a short commentary about the significance of Gurupoornima and the presence of the Sadguru.

The music programme came to a close at around 7.45 a.m. Mr. Chakravarthi (Secretary of the Central Trust) made an announcement that Bhagawan would now express His Love for the physically handicapped people from villages in Anantapur District, by offering them tricycles for easy mobility and bless them so that they carry on a happy life. 22 people selected from different Mandals of the district were carried by two Sevadals each, who placed them in the tricycle that was brought in front of Bhagawan. Swami blessed each one of them with Abhaya Hasta, from the sofa itself. Subsequently, He gave all of them beautiful soft cream coloured shawls!!

Next, Mr. Chakravarthi came onto the dais and with Bhagawan’s permission, made a few remarks about how Swami’s glory has been spreading the world over, but how at the same time some miscreants have been using His name for their own personal purposes and for commercial purposes. He emphatically noted that the Government of India has included the name of Bhagawan, “Sri Sathya Sai”, the name of the Trust, “Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust”, and all their ‘emblems’ under a special act of 1950 and is therefore protected under this Indian Act..(he mentioned some number of the act which I do not remember). As per this act, anybody who uses these names or emblems for commercial purposes will be subject to punishment as per the law.

Subsequently, Bhagawan blessed two speakers to share their views with all of us. The first was Sri Indulal Shah and the second was Dr. Goldstein – Chairman of Prashanti Council. Each one spoke briefly for around 10 minutes and at 8.20 a.m. Swami arose to deliver His Divine Discourse.

The highlights of the Gurupoornima Message are given below:

Ø    Man has no idea of what Sahanam (Forbearance/Tolerance) is. Sahanam is the beauty of this sacred land. Sahanam is a sacred Mantra for the Bharatiyas. Devotees are very much in need of this quality.

Ø    Adherence to Truth is the highest penance. Forgetting this, man is lost in mere rituals.

Ø    Is there a grater feeling than that towards the Mother? This nectarine feeling cannot be purchased for money or procured from somewhere. Today Bharatiyas are disobeying these principles and following alien principles.

Ø    Wordly Love or physical love can be obtained easily, but not Divine Love. Love does not mean merely loving each other physically. Love is heart to heart. Wherever you see there is Divine Love! It is this Divine Love that is sustaining and protecting one and all. All other forms of Love are false. Bhagawan wants us to share and experience this whole hearted Love. True Love should originate from the human heart. Maintain and protect this Love.

Ø    Who is God? You are God. This is the answer we must discover. Though God is everywhere, He is also in you. Never doubt that He is here and not there. Prahalada declared that God is everywhere. Today man is forgetting God in himself and is posing faith in external objects and things.

Ø    Man, never give up Love! This is the greatest wealth/prosperity! The one who forgets this is not man at all. Love towards mother, father, sister are all physical love, related to the worldly drama. You don’t need to search for True Love. It is in you, above you, below you and around you!!

Ø    This is a flower (Swami took the red rose from the table and held it in His hand). God is the real flower. This is the symbol of the heart of the Lord. The petals of the rose are the one’s that make up the flower. The Rekalu (petals) are God’s Lekhalu (letters). If you remove the petals, then where is the flower? (As He said this, Swami removed all the petals from the flower, one by one, and showed the bare stalk).

Ø    The Primordial Self – Atma is Love. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother are all petals of the flower called the family. But it is not enough to just have family relationships. The whole world is a family and we must become members of this family.

Ø    There is nothing beyond God in this Universe. Whatever you see, wherever you see, there is God ONLY. Where then are we searching for Him? There is NOTHING OTHER THAN HIM! Give up the materialistic view and know the power of God. Strengthen it!

Ø    You drink water. (Swami drank some water from the glass). What happens? Your thirst is quenched. Both thirst and water are Divine. The five elements, the five senses, the five sheaths are all Divine. Today, we are misusing the senses. Senses by themselves are pure.

Ø    What are Human Values? They are nothing but the Divine Qualities. The very name – GOD – is a Divine quality. Other than this, God has no other qualities or attributes. He transcends all these.

Ø    Whatever words Swami speaks is Love!! Is Love!! I know no other word. God is beyond description. There is only one possible description and that is Love!

Ø    When the physically handicapped people were being given the tricycles, I was so pained to find many people looking at them with pity and sympathy. No, they are not low in any way. They are also embodiments of Divine! Nothing less! They are not low!

Ø    When people talk to Me with Love, I feel so happy. When you talk to Me with artificial descriptions and feelings, I feel disgusted. Just say ‘SAI’ with pure Love, I will immediately respond with ‘OUI’. All your wealth and position stand nowhere in front of Love. You may go anywhere, be anywhere – forest, village, mountain top…Love is unparalleled.

Ø    The gift of Bhakti has been given to mankind to foster this Love. Devotion without Love is ‘Deep Ocean’, that too salty water ocean! Devotion with Love is full of sweet water!! Safeguard this Love.

Ø    On this auspicious occasion of Gurupoornima, the most precious and valuable gift I am now giving you all is LOVE!! Without Love everything else is useless. Foster this Love.

Bhagawan brought His Discourse to a close with the bhajan, “Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho”.

Prasadam Distribution began. Meanwhile Swami again called Mr. Chakravarthi and asked him to say something. We all were wondering what it could be. He stood in front of the mike and said the following:

“It is Bhagawan’s wish that henceforth we all must not ask Swami for anything other than Divine Love. It is Bhagawan’s assurance to us that once we get this Love, all our other desires will be subsumed in this. Therefore, let us pray to Him now onwards only for Divine Love and nothing else”.

There was a loud applause from the crowds. Aarti followed. Swami went inside the interview room and by 10.00 a.m. the golf cart glided towards the Poornachandra Hall. Swami kept standing even inside the golf cart so that all could have a good Darshan!

Thus the curtain closed on the morning session of this most sacred day!!

Sincerely yours,
Sibi Sukumar, 

consented to share on 06-07-04

Posted on 06.07.04

I lost myself when I saw our beloved Swami in the celestial palace - Sai kulwanth hall, Prashanthi Nilayam, Sai durbar on 3rd July afternoon. His Majesty, sitting on His mandir mae aao Sai. Anthar jyothi jalao Sai, brahma sanaathani dayaa karo.daya karo hey poorna jyothirmayi..As the words are, its true that our Bhagavan is always filled with His splendorous a full moon.

A program was performed by the Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh bal vikas children about the immortal love of Radha and Krishna and Krishna and Gopikas. Swami was all the time seeing the children who are adorned  in colorful dresses n white flowers. After the program there was a brief photo session. God yields for those who pleads Him for His grace. Very true. Very very true. All the children were seated back  after the photo session, in their rows n Swami has been seeing them with His intense love. And guess what happened? He called the child  who enacted as Krishna n I think He materialized some chain (I guess) and adorned it around the neck of the child n He also asked  the child to do pada namaskara - prostration at His feet - the  blessing He rarely gives in these days. How fortunate is the child, Sai Ram!!! There is nothing to worry about that child for His parents on any thing through out the child's life. The child who received this big blessing from Swami at His/her very young age. The love that poured down from our beloved Master..There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings, Showers Of Blessings We Need. Showers Of Blessings, Showers Of Blessings We Need, Mercy Drops Round Us Are Falling, But For The Showers We Plead.. ..There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing, If We But Trust And Obey; There Shall Be Seasons Refreshing, If We Let God Have His Way... After this, the students presented classical songs before Swami. They were deeply moving and Bhagavan enjoyed them thoroughly. Darshan was over just after 5.00p.m

On Sunday 4th july morning, Bhagavan came very early. The veda chanting started even before the crowd is in and the security made the queues to be sent fast. And Swami came before 7.00A.M. The students presented a program on the life of Bhagavan quoting some important phases of Swami's life..His young age specially. Brindavan students as well as Parthy students all got their new safari white dresses. Swami's love for them is intense Sai Ram.I pity myself deeply for not being studying in Swami's institutions. Karuna sindhu Bhagavan. He have been standing all the time patiently with an untainted smile until all the boys including the kids be given their new dresses. For sitting n seeing itself, I lost patience because of the never ending queue. All the time thinking of the pain that Bhagavan was taking by standing through out the time. His love is immense, immense and immeasurable. Tears just rolled down for myself being unfortunate of not  being a student there..Swami went in to interview room for some time in between and the darshan ended exactly at 9.45A.M (definitely to catch my train to Bangalore, Swami gave enough time to reach the station so that I need not miss Karnataka express scheduled at 10.40A.M, which eventually turned late by 30 minutes!!! Swami puts every thing in tune if we just  leave Him the things). I am happy that I stayed back with out bothering about any thing, when Swami was in interview room as I  could get a little close glimpse of smiling Swami when He was returning to His earthly home..token number 17 Sai Ram..what to do???

Guess one thing? Swami is expected to come to Bangalore. Though it is  not declared. Every one is talking of the same..adding to that. My happiness took no bounds when the Brindavan boys sang some songs  pleading God to come to Whitefield. The songs are moving...I felt their words as mine as they appeared out just as my heart is pleading Swami. Waiting for the Happy days again to even have Swami  physically. We will be fortunate to have Swami again here, if he turns up here. The expected date is 9th. Just fingers crossed Sai  Ram...waiting for the GREAT day of Swami's arrival back to Bangalore.

Sai Ram


consented to share on 06.07.2004

Posted on 05.07.2004

....I came to know about all the programmes taking place in Parthi through my brother who was there for Guru purnima. Students from Nepal, Indonesia, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh, Anantpur girls, all presented dramas and performances in the Divine presence over the last few days. As the Brindavan boys were desperately waiting for their turn, Swamy granted them a chance yesterday morning, just before they were to leave. They  presented 'Sai Katha', narration of Bhagawan's life through songs and some narratives. It seems Bhagawan was moved to tears when they mentioned about the three boons that Easwaramma asked (hospital, school and water for Parthy, which bhagawan provides on an international scale).  Swamy was extremely happy and presented the boys with suits!! The boys pleaded with Bhagawan to visit Brindavan and HE said 'tappakunda vastanu', I will definitely come. HE again said, 'meeru ippudu pondi, nenu taravata vastanu', you go now, I will come later. 

While we cannot say when HE will come, it is very pleasing to think of  having HIS darshan in the Ramesh hall soon. Will let you know (if and) when HE arrives......

Jai Sai Ram
Ramesh K. Sistla

2.7.2004 Gurupurnima

Dear Ones!

Om Sri Sai Ram

Swami was coming early in the morning at 6.50 IST during the student´s sweet music programme After speeches of Indulal Shah and M. Goldstein our beloved Bhagavan Baba was granting His Divine Discourse on LOVE for about 35 minutes.

Be happy with that.

Very happy.

Jay Sai Ram

p.s Wishing to all a happy, holy and joyous Gurupurnima

(English version)

This day is Gurupurnima, when many offer special puja to the Guru (worship of the preceptor) who has initiated them into spiritual life, with the grant of some manthra (sacred syllable) or some vow. To adore the preceptor who has shown the path of liberation, you need not wait for the arrival of this particular day. You need not watch the calendar at all; be ever grateful. The guru has directed the vision inside, the goal is in you, the path leads you to yourself, the I that shines unknown in you, as well as in all. Knowing it is liberation from the bondage of the body and the chain of birth and death which the body drags along with it.

People come to Me and pray, "Swaami! Naaku rooksham kaavaali" (For me - moksha (liberation) is wanted). Consider for a moment that statement of thirst. A parcel you get through post is covered top and bottom, with the gift inside the two; you remove the packaging material from top and bottom to get at the thing you really value most; moksha (the gift you value) is packed between two ideas---'for me,' and 'is wanted'---the idea of EGO and the idea of DESIRE. So, all I have to tell you is, "Remove the packing, and take the gift, MOKSHA. Have no ego, discard desire, you are liberated!"

Divine Discourse, Ananthapur, 8- 7-1971, Gurupurnima

(german version)

Heute ist Gurupûrnimâ, der Tag, an dem viele ihrem Guru, der ihnen die Tür zur spirituellen Welt durch Mantren oder Gelübde geöffnet hat, ihren besonderen Dank erweisen. Um den Lehrer zu verehren, der euch den Weg zur Befreiung gezeigt hat, braucht ihr nicht auf einen bestimmten Tag zu warten. Der Kalender hat nichts damit zu tun. Ihr müßt ihm immer dankbar sein. Der Guru hat euren Blick nach innen gerichtet, denn das Ziel liegt in euch. Der Weg führt zu dem eigenen Selbst, zu dem Ich, das unerkannt in euch leuchtet wie in jedem anderen. Es zu kennen ist die Erlösung von der Knechtschaft des Körpers und der Kette von Geburt und Tod, die der Körper nach sich zieht. Die Leute kommen zu mir und sagen: “Ich wünsche mir Befreiung (moksha)“. Das heißt auf Telugu “nâku moksham kâvâli“, wörtlich “für mich - moksha – wird gewünscht“. Seht euch diese Formulierung einmal an. Es ist wie bei einem Paket, das ihr mit der Post erhaltet. Oben und unten ist Verpackungsmaterial, in dem das Geschenk verborgen ist. Ihr müßt die Verpackung oben und unten entfernen, um zu dem zu kommen, was ihr haben möchtet. So wird auch “moksha“ - das, was ihr haben wollt - von zwei Begriffen verhüllt: “für mich“ und “wird gewünscht“, von dem Begriff des Egos und dem des Verlangens. Deshalb ist alles, was ich euch sagen kann: “Entfernt die Verpackung und nehmt euch das Geschenk; habt kein Ego und kein Verlangen, dann seid ihr befreit.“

Divine Discourse, Ananthapur, 8- 7-1971, Gurupounima


Posted on 21-06-2004


Though I have visited PN a lot of times, every visit is unique and happier. I was there on 19th and 20th instant and the moment I stepped into the precincts of PN there is a feeling of sublime joy and the mood is different.

 The crowds were lesser, and foreign visitors were also few. Swami's darshan was on the red golf cart and most of the days he is not making a full round on the gents side and takes a short cut and goes off to the Mandir making one feel frustrated after sitting for hours and with hope to catch a closer glimpse of Swami. When I expressed frustration loudly, my friend sitting next to me said " Is Swami under obligation to come out for Darshan everyday? Did he send an invitation for us to come and sit for darshan?"  Answers to both the above are in the negative. So whatever we get from Him is a blessing. I could see Swami being helped by students to get in and out of the Golf cart and also to sit in and get up from the chair.  He was sitting for nearly an hour in the chair listening to the Veda chanting and darshan could be had sitting in the hall from about say 50-75 feet. His face was bright as usual.

 When I was looking at so many old people 70+ to 90 in PN whom I have been seeing in the last decade and also older people in general outside, why Swami alone had to fall and break his leg and then a shoulder injury. When I was thinking about that I clearly felt it absurd. All this looks to be his own doing for some purpose. He has already told that everything in his Avataric Mission would go as per his predetermined plan. It looks that his stopping of "padanamaskar" and now this injury and coming relatively lesser into the  crowd shows he is slightly "distancing" himself from the crowd may be asking us to focus less on His  Form. All this made me think and realise that afterall Swami is not REALLY that thin frame of body but he is something above all that and he is a cosmic energy operating at a much much higher level gloabally. To see Swami's frail body and focus on his leg injury and limping and getting lost in thoughts like "what has happened to Swami" etc looks foolish and will not make us progress.

 On Sunday evening I was standing outside the Sai Kulwant Hall to listen to the Bhajans and take a glimpse of Swami before I left PN at 5.30pm. When you look at the hall full of people - everyone's only purpose is to have a glimpse of Swami - that sight of the crowd - mixture of all castes in India, a mixture of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs sitting for HIM and the eagerness on their faces and the happiness on their faces when the red robe and crown of hair is spotted is what makes you realise the value of the person whom you have come to see !! Instead of being in the midst of the crowd distance yourself and see from a distance you know the value of Swami. May be person who walks with Swami everyday may not realise the value of his position unless he comes out and sees from a distance.  And when the day's last Aarthi is performed and the om shanthi is said thrice........there is a total silence with crowd waiting for Swami to leave to his abode. That moment is also absolutely absorbing. The silence is just to be felt.

 The moment you step out of PN the environment is rid with negative vibrations and life is as usual...........may be you can make it different if you can capture those moments in PN permanently in your heart. Easier said than done. But to some extent possible.......Sairam.

 Note: There is construction activity going on around the Sarva Dharma Pillar just opposite the existing residence of Swami. This new construction according to persons in PN is the new accommodation for Swami and should be ready by Guru Poornima and some persons also say that Swami may go to Whitefield anytime as this work makes further progress and return after completion.


Consented to share by Ramu on 22-06-2004

Posted on 15.06.2004

Sai Ram!
Below some news on Swami's education programme in India.

God Bless!

Bhagawan is giving Darshan as usual  both morning and evening. Yesterday evening, we had a very surprising event. After Bhagawan sat down on the sofa, He spoke to the Vice Chancellor something and then the Vice Chancellor, Sri S.V. Giri stood up. The mike was arranged. The Vice Chancellor spoke for the rest 45 minutes or so. He said that Bhagawan has willed that henceforth all studies in this Institute everything that is taught and everything that is learnt, must have the focus on Dharma. That is, Dharma must be the undercurrent of all studies here. This has been there all along in some manner but it is Swami's wish that it must be given top priority now.

The Vice Chancellor explained about the Awareness Programme that is the unique feature of our Institute. He elaborated on how the programme is conducted at the Under Graduate level and then how it takes shape at the Post Graduate Level. Whereas at the Under Graduate level, the focus is on the Vahinis of Bhagawan, Unity of Religions, Philosophy of Education.. at the I Year Post Graduate level  the principles in the Bhagavad Gita are highlighted upon and assimilated. Finally in the second year the focus will be on "My Life is My Message". All that has been learnt until now will be discussed with regard to Bhagawan's own life. Therefore, when the students leave the Institute, episodes of Bhagawan who is the very embodiment of Dharma will be fresh in the minds of the students and this would give them the necessary impetus to practice the same. This is Bhagawan's wish.

Another good news is that Bhagawan has blessed the M.Phil. programme to be started in our Institute. He has decided that Research will now be THE thing in this Institute but research, oriented towards practical knowledge, application oriented for the benefit of the society.  As the Vice Chancellor spoke about all these things, the audience was delighted. There were loud claps. Finally he prayed to Bhagawan to guide all of us on the aspect of Dharma, which is so subtle and complex. Swami smiled and just kept silent.  Therefore this is the new turn that our Institute is taking now.......

Posted on 12.06.2004

Sai Ram Dear devotees of Bhagwan Baba, 

Baba graced me with an opportunity to have His Divine Darshan on Thursday and Friday this week. 

The Thursday darshan were full of Bliss and Grace for devotees present. Swami came both morning and evening - the unique thing I noticed was that instead of pre Darshan music - now there was Vedic Chanting commencing as soon as Swami is about to arrive for Darshan.  

In the evening selected students gave a presentation on DHARMA - Atam Dharma and Dharma in normal life. The students concluded with a prayer to Swami to give a deeper insight into Dharma. The VC of the Sathya Sathya University announced to the pleasure of all the awards conferred on the SSS University. He also informed about the high grades achieved by students. He also concluded with his prayer to Bhagwan to shower some insight into Dharma. 

But, instead Swami got up and took aarthi and left for His Residence. 

However, when I was returning after tea - and the mandir compound was empty - I found Swami in the Golf Cart driving into the mandir compound with the students - He went into the interview room. 

On  Friday - the Darshan was again very Blissful and full of Grace - Swami called some students for interview and then went around Prasanthi in His Golf Cart giving open Darshan to all devotees - who were delighted - but, the seva dal were definitely hard pressed to control the surging devotees all trying to close-in on the gold cart. 

Sai Ram - Be Happy


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