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Here's what faith can do


Gavaskar's sister-in-law recounts the cricket maestro's belief in Sathya Sai Baba.




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In her book. Blossoms in Eternal Spring, Shammi Paranjpe talks about her family's experience with Sathya Sai Baba, and how she had the chance of a life­time to transform herself and see others lives being touched by grace. The book also mentions how Sunil Gavaskar, her older sister Marshneil's (Pammi) husband. "has been a part of 'his collective experience".


Recounting a couple of experiences, she relates how Marshneil would carry Baba's photograph "in her wallet, for every delivery he faced. By the 'expression' on Baba's face in the photo, she could make out how Sunil would fare as, in one photo, she could see different expressions. The day she felt Baba was smiling,  Sunil would do very  well,  and  on days when she felt she

Sunil Gavaskar


saw a frown, Sunil invariably got out eariy! On such days, however hard she tried to turn the photo this way and that, she could not force' it to smile!"


The book talks about the experiences of Shammi and her three sisters, who together with their individual families moved together in the direction of awakening and self discovery When asked if he'd read the book, especially since his own experiences make up at least a couple of chapters, Sunil says, "Yes, I've managed to finish a couple of chapters." There has been a healing incident that seems to be very special to Sunil's own experiences.


"I was in Brisbane; it was the Australia tour of 1977 when Bishen Singh Bedi was captain. I had torn an upper thigh muscle. Those were the days when we didn't carry our own physio­therapists with us and I had to make do with the therapist of the home team. I was to be laid off for at least &8 weeks which meant I'd have had to sit out for almost half the tour, and miss 3 Tests. And this was before even the first test match had begun," relates Sunil. "I called home. My wife sent me vibhuti through some commentators who were coming in the next day Having applied it for the 3-4 days, I was able to play. "

Source: Bombay Times (Supplement to The Times of India) dated: 03-03-2004

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