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Glimpses Of Yugadi Celebration At Brindavan, Whitefield - 2000 

"Yugadi was celebrated at Brindavan on 5th April 2000. Sai Ramesh Hall, the venue of the festival, was beautifully decorated with buntings, festoons, cloth hangings and flowers. Bhagavan came in a procession to Sai Ramesh Hall at 7.35 a.m. preceded by Veda chanting students. As soon as Bhagavan entered the Hall, the devotees' hearts were filled with divine bliss. Strains of sweet Nadaswaram music in the Hall heralded the auspicious programme of this holy day. Before the Divine Discourse of Bhagavan Baba, two speakers made brief speeaches. They were introduced to the audience by Sri Ruchir Desai, a faculty member of Brindavan Campus. 

The first speaker, Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy, Warden. Brindavan Campus, congratulated the devotees who had gathered there to receive Bhagavan's blessings on the Yugadi day for their great fortune and said, whether it was Yugadi, Tamil New Year, Chinese New Year or Christian New Year, all belonged to Bhagavan. "For Bhagavan, no land is a foreign land and no person is a foreigner, because Bhagavan has Himself declared that the universe is His mansion,' said Sri Narasimha Murthy. As an answer to the question how Bhagavan was always blissful even though He carried the burden of running the whole universe, Sri Narasimha Murthy quoted the verses from Kathopanishad and said, Bhagavan has distributed His work to different gods, but He looks after the welfare, progress and spiritual evolution of His devotees Himself.

With regard to the celebration of the New Year, the second speaker. Professor G. Venkataraman, former Vice Chancellor of SSSIHL said that not only the New Year but every minute and second of man's life was auspicious because man had to utilize every moment of his life to sanctify his life. Recalling a question which Bhagavan Himself put to a gathering of students and devotees about the purpose of man's life. Prof. Venkataraman lamented that modem man had forgotten the goal of his life, which in the words of Bhagavan was 'to go back to the source, i.e. God.' 

After these two brief speeches, Bhagavan showered the nectar of His Divine Discourse. After the conclusion of Bhagavan's Discourse, the morning programme came to a close at 9.15 a.m. with Arati to Bhagavan. Prasadam was distributed to all the assembled devotees at the end of the function. 

The evening programme started with Bhajans at 3.40 p.m. in the usual manner. But Bhagavan in His infinite mercy and grace blessed the devotees with Divine Darshan by going even at the farthest end of the Pandal instead of sitting in the chair. More devotional fervour was added to the function when the famous playback singer Ms. Susheela and party gave delightful programme of devotional music after the evening Bhajans. The joyous celebration of the holy festival of Yugadi came to happy conclusion at 5.15 p.m. with Arati to Bhagavan." Editor. SS, 5/2000. pp. 155 & 156