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Means For Liberation During Each Of Four Yugas 

"Of all the Yugas, this Kali Yoga is described as the most holy, the most beneficent. Meditation was prescribed as the means of liberation for men in Krita Yuga, Tapas as the means during the Treta Yuga and Archana (ritual worship) for the Dwapara Yuga. But, for the people of this Kali Yuga, the simple remedy prescribed is just Namasmarana (the constant awareness of God's Name). In spite of this, it is pity that men do not care for this path and so render their lives barren wastes." Sai Baba, SSS, Vol. XI, p. 162 


"The New year Day (Yugadi) begins with nature shining in all her glory, decked with flowers, with tender leaves rustling in the wind and the cuckoo calling to its mate in mellifluous notes. The spring (Vasantaa Ritu) has come in all its beauty and freshness. It is the season when nature presents her most glorious appearance. The beauty of the season has been dubbed -VISHNU-PRIYA' (Beloved of the Lord). Indeed, it is not merely dear to the Lord; it is the very form of the Lord. There are well-known sayings: The Lord loves adornment ('Alankaaro Vishnupriyah'). The sun loves salutation (Namaskaaro Arunapriyah'). The Lord loves the advent of Spring when every tree is in bloom. Today we are welcoming this spring. But it is not enough to greet it on one day." Sai Baba. SS, 4/93, p.