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Relationship Between Time And Action 

"As is the Karma, so is the consequence thereof These two are inseparable and interrelated. Time acts as a link between these two. A day is one unit of time. Seven days make a week, fifteen days a fortnight, thirty days a month and twelve months a year. Time is, moreover, divided into three periods - past, present and future. Multifarious activities take place in these three periods of time. What is time? What is space? Here are two flowers. The distance between these two flowers is space. They were buds yesterday. Today they have blossomed and will fade away tomorrow. A bud cannot become a flower instantly and the flower does not fade immediately. The change takes place gradually. That which is the root cause for this change is time. You all know that the second-hand in a clock rotates continuously making the sound 'tic, tic, tic...' You might wonder whether it takes rest at all. Yes, it does. The time gap between two consecutive ticks is the period of rest. 

The world is combination of Kaala (time). Karma (action) and Karana (cause). Every action has a reaction. When your finger gets cut with a knife, blood oozes out immediately. Here the reaction is instantaneous. There is no time gap whatsoever. On the other hand, the food, we partake of, takes at least two hours to be digested. Take the case of a seed. A seed sown today takes three to four days to sprout. Here the time gap between action and reaction is slightly more as compared to the previous instances. On

the other extreme, we have a case where it takes years for a sapling to grow into a gigantic tree and yield fruit. Thus, the time gap between action and reaction may vary depending on the nature of action. But, know for sure that none can escape the consequences of his or her actions. It is impossible to say when, how and where one will face the consequences of one's actions." Sai Baba, SS. 10/99, p. 254