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Significance Of The Advent Of The New Year 

"What is the significance of the advent of New Year? It is not necessary to wait for twelve months for the New Year to appear for one to do what he wants to do. The year is made up of seconds, minutes, hours, days and months. Every second is a new moment in one's life. Why then wait for a year? Everyone should strive to render help to the people every second of his life and lead a noble and ideal existence." Sai Baba, SS, 4/96, p. 85 

'If the year has to be sanctified, every moment has to be sanctified. Every second constitutes a year. It is not the New Year that matters. Every new second is significant. Hence, you should fill every moment with sacred thoughts, pure feelings and pure action. Every' moment you should try to get rid of bad thoughts and fill the mind with good thoughts." Sai Baba, "Uniqueness of Swami and His Teachings" by Dr. A. A. Ready, p. 257 

Time And Mind 

"Time is moving fast like a stormy gale. Man's life is melting away everymoment like a block of ice. Months and years are rolling past in the Wheel of Time. Everything around is undergoing change, but man's mind and intellect (Buddhi) remain unchanged. Years are passing before our very eyes. How many eras are disappearing in our own epoch! Eras come and go, epochs roll on, but man's mind remains as before. What can the greeting 'Happy New Year' mean in the context of such a human predicament? It appears to be a scene in a drama on the worldly stage." Sai Baba, SS, 4/93, p. 85

Worship On The New Year Day (Yugadi)

"The practice of offering worship and revering elders (on the New Year Day) also appear to be artificial acts in a play on life's stage. When the source of all happiness is within you, if you go about seeking happiness from others, it is unnatural. If you desire to elevate yourself and attain a higher level, you have to adopt appropriate means." Sai Baba, SS, 4/93, p. 86